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We've had some personal and stressful stuff happening at the beginning of the month which is luckily now sorted. We've still managed to have some good times though. So lets talk about likes and loves for July. 

I've hardly watched anything this month. I'll definitely have to catch up next month as there are quite a few shows I want to see.

Take care of Maya
A nightmare unfolds for Jack and Beata Kowalski after they bring their 10-year-old daughter to the ER with unusual symptoms. 

Epic Tails 
Life is peaceful in Iolcos, the beautiful and prosperous port city in ancient Greece. When an enraged Poseidon threatens to destroy it, a mouse and a cat will help ageing hero Jason and the Argonauts in their quest save it.

Spongebob squarepants bath bomb 

Lush are doing spongebob squarepants and other characters bath bombs. We opted for spongebob himself although they also had Patrick, Squidward and a krabby patty ones. This particular one smells amazing, has popping candy inside and once dissolved his pants float on top of the water. Blake absolutely loved it.

Leighton Buzzard Railway 

The Leighton Buzzard railway is a great place to visit for Train enthusiasts. We've been a good few times now and Blake absolutely loves it. It's the first time we had rode on the new part of the line. 

New garden gate

Stuart built a garden gate for us. We've not had one for awhile as the one the previous owner made wasnt ideal as it dragged on the floor.  I'm definitely impressed with how it's turned out.

Gary Delaney (Gary in punderland) show 

For Christmas 2022 I got Stuart tickets to see one of his favourite comedians. The time finally came for us to see him. It was brilliant and we really enjoyed ourselves. We had really good seats too as we were 7 rows from the front. 

Hummingbird garden decor

I got a voucher for The Range for my birthday last month which I finally spent.  I chose the above and below items to bring some colour to our back garden.  The one above just attaches to the wall whilst the one below we've hung up on a hanging basket hook. It also lights up as it's solar powered.

*Bed head TIGI Electric hair colour shampoo and conditioner.
I was in need of a new shampoo and conditioner so decided to try these. It smells of sweet toffee and keeps my hair feeling clean and soft.
I have all of the Pinch of Nom recipe books and they are our most used. We've tried a few recipes so far from this new one and as usual are impressed with how they turned out.

Blake is into Minecraft at the moment. He watches YouTube videos of others playing the game rather than play it himself. His favourite character is creeper and he needed a new backpack for when we are out and about. If your child usually takes a backpack into school it's a great size and comes with lunch bag,  bottle and a pencil case. 

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