Teaching Your Toddler About Personal Hygiene

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Amongst the many lessons you will need to teach your child, you will need to teach them about basic cleanliness and how to look after themselves. The first few years of life are the best time to start as this is when they are learning about the world and will be preparing for school. A private nursery in Newport shares guidance on how parents can explore personal hygiene with their toddler.

Unpleasant Smells

The point of good personal hygiene is of course to prevent illness, and to also avoid accumulation of foul smells. They can be prevented by showering, brushing teeth, and changing clothes when they become dirty. Help your child with these by teaching them how to wash themselves so they can do so when they are older, brush your teeth together and help them identify when their clothes need to be washed.

How to Use the Toilet

There are many rules and etiquettes around using the toilet that children must learn, such as flushing the toilet, washing their hands of course and leaving the bathroom tidy once they are done. As your toddler starts using the bathroom, they will need to be taught these rules. 

Talk About Germs

Germs are what make us fall ill so children must wash their hands properly before eating, and after sneezing, coughing, and coming into contact with unclean surfaces. To help them take this seriously, explain the concept of germs to your child and how spreading them can be prevented (using a tissue and regularly washing their hands). 

Habits to Avoid

Children have a peculiar desire to sometimes pick their nose and put things in their mouth. To help them get out of this habit, remind your child that the behaviours are “yucky” and slowly they will grow out of them.

Make these a habit by using reminders and continuing to emphasise the points above. Also demonstrate your own commitment to hygiene and cleanliness by washing your hands in front of them and verbalising the things that you do.

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