Top Tips for Supporting Your Child with their Exams

*This is a collaborative post 

Exam season is possibly the most nerve-wracking time in a child’s academic life. There is immense pressure to do well and vast amounts of content they must memorise. Parental support is therefore vital during this time. Below we’ve shared guidance from a private sixth form in Cambridge on how you can make the process easier for your child. 

Regular Revision

Preparation is key for exam situations as there's no telling what will be tested on. Revising early and covering all bases will give your child the best chances of doing well. To ensure that it all stays at the forefront of their mind, make sure that they revise often and revisit areas they’ve previously learned.

A Good Routine

Aside from making sure to revise, children must have a good routine in place, e.g., going to sleep on time. Their diet is equally important as food and sleep have a huge effect on a child’s concentration and ability to learn.

Take a Balanced Approach

With revision a balanced approach is also necessary. There is no way that a child can revise every moment of every day, and it is not healthy, nor productive. Achieve a good balance by allowing for study breaks and making sure that your child revises little and often.

Arrange for Extra Support

If your child’s having a difficult time revising, it may be worthwhile investing in private tuition as they will have the opportunity to learn from someone trained in the curriculum. Sessions take place within small groups, or one-to-ones, allowing children to get the support and attention they need.

What’s most important is your child’s mental health and that you’re supporting them emotionally throughout this time. The pressure to do well can be overwhelming for children, especially if there are areas that they are struggling with. To help matters and relieve some of the stress they feel, express how proud you are and that their grades won’t define them.

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