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Whether you are going on a beach trip for the day or going on a beach vacation there are items you are going to need to take. I like to have a checklist so I can tick off items as I pack them. Making a beach packing list every time helps to take the stress out packing.  

Going to the beach together as a family should be fun and a great way to make memories together. So lets talk about those essentials you need.

It's one of the most important items to pack. Whether you are going abroad on vacation or staying in the UK you are likely to burn. Make sure you choose a good suncream and apply it regularly.

Kids love to have a dip in the sea so make sure you take swimwear. Ones that have more coverage, like a *rash guard will help protect them from getting burned. Don't forget to bring swimwear for you and other family members too. Oh and for younger children don't forget *swim nappies.

*Armbands are a  definite must especially for children who are unable to swim. 

Water shoes 
*Water shoes are a good option for kids that don't like the feel of sand on their feet or for protecting feet in the sea.

Sun hat
Definitely a must for both children and adults 


After having fun in the sea you will need something to dry off. It's best to pack extra towels instead so one for each person plus an extra towel per 2 people. E.g a family of four brings 6 towels.

Ice towel/ handheld fan
For when it gets a bit too hot an *ice towel and/or a handheld fan will help to keep cool.

 Change of clothing
This is definitely needed for getting into after being in the sea and more so if you are planning to spend the whole day at the beach. Don't forget sandles for both kids and adults.

Beach bag
Good sized beach bags are a must for keeping everything in. You will most likely need more than one.

Wet Bag
Ideal for keeping all the wet swim wear in. 

Mesh bag
These *mesh bags are great for kids for storing shells and other beach finds.

Bug repellant
I always seem to get bitten easily these days. Using a spray to keep them pesky bugs at bay is worthwhile packing. You can also buy mosquito *repellant bracelets which I tend to use.

Hand sanitiser 
Hand sanitiser is a must for a trip to the beach.
Whether needed for cleaning hands for first aid or for using before eating it's handy to pop a bottle on your beach bag.

First aid kit
You don't need to take a big kit with you a small *first aid kit  that you can fit in a bag is ideal.

Aleo Vera 
It's always a good idea to pack some *Aleo Vera with you or after sun lotions just incase of burns.

Beach powder
#Beach powder is a product that is great for getting sand off your skin that refuses to budge. Beach Powder is an innovative, talc-free powder made from a blend of plant and mineral powders that are specifically designed to remove sand from your skin quickly and easily. Unlike other products that can be harsh and drying, Beach Powder is gentle and moisturizing, leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

Beach toys
You won't need loads of toys. A bucket and spade is of course a popular choice. This *foldable 5 piece bucket set will be very handy. Other examples of toys you may want to bring are a *beach ball, *reusable water balloons and a *frisbee

Beach tent
If you are going to be at the beach for long periods of time a *beach tent is a great idea for having some shade.

Drinks and snacks
It's important to stay hydrated when you go to beach. Snacks are also a must when you have kids who always seem to be hungry.

Cooler box/bag
Bring a cooler box or bag if you can. No one wants warm drinks.

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