Ad – review. I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes and all thoughts are my own.

Today I am involved in the book tour for Only For Christmas by Tracy Corbett. As well as writing novels, Tracy’s written several short stories, pantomime sketches and magazine articles. Tracy describes her writing style as modern tales of romance, with engaging quirky characters, who overcome adversity, grow as people and conclude in satisfying optimistic endings. When she’s not writing, she enjoys amateur dramatics, gardening and sewing. She works part-time for a local charity.

About the book 
One month to pretend... or one month to fall in love?
How do I turn down an overly keen colleague I have zero interest in dating? Should I:
- Stammer and bluster my way through every excuse in the book
- Accept and then immediately turn in my resignation letter, change my number and leave the country
- Allow my hot, new, doctor neighbour to step in and pretend to be my boyfriend
The answer: there are no right answers.
But option 3 is happening and I’m fake dating Lucas just to survive my work Christmas party without any further unwanted advances.

Only for Christmas will wisk you away into another place with this festive romance. Sarah is a vulnerable character who is trying to protect her heart after being hurt and so shuts herself off from romance. She meets Lucas who is staying in the flat below her temporarily before he heads back to America. They start fake dating after Sarah's boss won't accept she won't go on a date with him. Lucas and Sarah's friendship blossoms. Lucas is a loveable, kind and generous character who is just who Sarah needs. 

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