Whilst we were away on holiday we headed into Filey and one place we visited one morning was Filey Brigg. Filey Brigg is a long narrow peninsula situated about a mile north of FileyNorth Yorkshire. It's steep cliffs are 20 metres high and consist of a variety of material, from pure sandstone to pure limestone. In the early 1970s the fields on top of the Brigg were turned into Filey Brigg Country Park. 

Filey Brigg is a beautiful place for a walk with a lovely mix of coast and grassland. Although we didn't visit the beach on our visit or complete the full five mile walk we still got to enjoy the place. Filey Brigg Country Park is a great spot for flying kites, dog walking and bird spotting. There is also a park area for kids to play which is great for young adventurers. Please be aware that the cliffside segments require vigilant supervision for the safety of both children and dogs.

The stunning views are one of the reasons I have fallen in love with the Yorkshire Coast. Filey Brigg is a place we will visit again and hopefully spend longer at next time. It was raining when we went but it didn't put us off entirely. With that said during nicer weather you could enjoy a picnic whilst taking in the view. 

Filey Brigg, has a fine examples of 150 million years of geological history. 110-140 million years ago many of the rocks at Filey Brigg were formed. The whole region was covered by shallow tropical sea with a climate similar to the Bahamas today. This period led to the despostion of limestone. The rocks (fossils) of Filey Brigg are full of evidence of life during that period. Sea Urchins, Oysters and mussels lived on the sea bed. While plesiosaurs, sharks and fish lived above them. 

As well as the wonderful geographical history of Filey Brigg is a sanctuary for Forna and Flora. Seabirds can be found nesting in the cliffs whilst you may spot marine life in rock pools. If you are really lucky you maybe able to see dolphins and whales in the sea. Once you have enjoyed the walk and stunning views than why not stop by the little cafe at the Country Park and enjoy something from their selection of food and drink that is available. 

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