Who doesn't want beautiful hair? I don't know about you but having beautiful hair makes me feel more confident. Taking care of your hair by using the right products for your hair type isn't the only way to keep your hair looking beautiful. Having beautiful hair can be a challenge but it is worth it. 

In this post I'm going to share with you what you need to know to have beautiful hair. Following this advice and sticking to it is what will help you to maintain having beautiful hair.

Know your hair type
Knowing your hair type is an important step to having beautiful hair. Your hair can change over time, for example when you're pregnant. My hair has always been fine thanks to medical conditions I have that causes my hair to be not just be fine but brittle too. Knowing your hair type means that you can choose the best products and treatments for your hair.

Establish a haircare routine

I used to wash my hair every day and since changing that routine to washing my hair every other day I've noticed a difference in the condition of my hair. Having a routine that works for your hair really makes a difference. 

Choosing your products 

Choosing which products you use can be a bit of a hurdle. There is a lot of trial and error until you find what works for you. The starting point is to think about your type of hair and choose products accordingly. Don't just think about shampoos and conditioners but also hair masks and other products such as serums you may wish to use. 

Proper cleansing techniques

Now you know about choosing the products for your hair it's time to think about proper cleansing techniques. A common mistake is not using the correct amount of product. I'll put my hands up and admit that I do often use too much shampoo/conditioner. When it comes to using too little it can make your hair feel not as clean as it should be. Washing your hair far too often can damage your hair as well and I'm glad I cut down on how often I wash mine. 

Heat protection

Heat protection is a must before using styling tools such as hairdryers, straighteners and curling irons. When drying hair with a hair dryer having one like the mdlondon blow hair dryer that has different temperature settings is a must. Using the lowest heat temperature if you can would be best. Don't forget to also use a heat protection spray too.

Brush hair carefully 

When brushing your hair work from your ends upwards and use either a detangling brush or a wide tooth comb. Doing this carefully will help to prevent breakages. Another tip is to never brush your hair when it's wet.

Eat a healthy diet

Diet can have an impact on your hairs condition.  A diet rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals is essential for healthy hair growth. Drinking plenty of water also helps keep your hair hydrated and healthy. 

Get regular trims

It's reccomended that you get your hair cut every 8-12 weeks to help prevent breakage and split ends and also to look more fresh and tidy.

Deal with hairloss

Many people experience hair loss and many women like me have struggled with postpartum hair loss. Once you notice any hair loss than it's important to deal with it. I use vitamins that have biotin in them which works for me to have thicker hair. You may need to go to your GP to see if the reason for your hair loss is medical related.

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