*Please note: You will need a Haven play pass to access these activities.

When going on holiday to Haven book activities in advance. There are lots of Haven activities to do at varies prices and booking in advance guarantees that you have a slot especially as some of the activities are popular. They have a range of free activities as well as paid ones. Today I'm sharing 10 Haven activities under £10.

1. Swimming (Free)
No matter what Haven site you go to they all have a swimming pool. The type of pool may differ site to site an example is that Primrose Valley has three pools, two inside and on one outside. For swimming you get 14 slots for the duration of your holiday. Each slot is one per person and your slot lasts for an hour. 

2. Evening entertainment (mainly Free)

With a play pass you will be able to enjoy the evening entertainment. Most are free like the children’s entertainment and live singers. For over 18's there is cash bingo which we paid £10 for a full book or it's £5 for half a book. Even though most of the evening entertainment is free you may want to buy drinks and snacks whilst there.

3. Creature Creations (£4)
If your kids are into making things than the creature creations activity will be right up there street. This was a really fun activity and you can see above Blake's make. 

4. Nature Trail (Free)

A nature trail is led by the Ranger, who will walk around the park with you, pointing out all the different kinds of nature and wildlife. It's a great way to learn about the local wildlife/ history and heritage of the local area. On top of that you are getting out in fresh air and getting exercise into your day.

5. Sand Art (£5) and Sand Bottle Creations (£8)

Both of these activities are lots of fun. The Sand bottle is a brilliant keepsake to take home from your holiday. Blake has his on his bedroom shelf and the Sand Art was lots of fun.

6. Visit an on site park (Free) 
Blake loves a trip to a park so it's handy that they have them on Haven sites. It's a great option for kids when you need to keep them busy for a bit.

7. Beach (Free)
I'm not sure about other Haven sites so it's worth finding out, however Primrose Valley have beach access. The views really are amazing and children will love exploring.

8. Bungee Trampoline (£6)
Have lots of fun bouncing up and down in the air on a bungee trampoline. The session lasted 10 minutes including being strapped in.

9. Footgolf (£5)
Combine football and golf together and you get footgolf. This is a fun activity for all ages to enjoy.

10. Pond Dipping (Free)
Pond Dipping was a fun and informative activity where you got to learn the art of pond dipping and learn about the different wildlife and see them up close.

I thought I'd share with you two bonus activities, these two are over £10 but they are worth doing if you have the budget to do so. 

Kart Hire
We paid £16 for an hour on a family Kart which is for up to four people. You can also opt for a double Kart or single Kart for £12. The Karts are definitely a great way to get around the Haven site you are staying at.

Blake absolutely loved going on a pedalo and for £14 for 30 minutes meant we got to go around the lake quite a few times. They sit up to four people per pedalo and are easy to control. Kids have to wear a safety vest whilst on the pedalo.

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