Sleep Well With The Simba Hybrid Duvet

* I was  gifted By Simba the Hybrid Duvet featured for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

We have definitely noticed that the colder months are here and I've been excited to have the opportunity to try out a Simba Duvet. We were sent the Simba Hybrid Duvet which is a high tech 10.5 tog duvet that we received in a double. I can confidently say that this duvet is definitely a worthwhile investment for someone who is looking for a versatile and cosy duvet that will give you the best night's sleep. It's also ideal for all year round which I'll  be sharing more about below in this review. 

Overview of the Simba Hybrid Duvet 

The Simba Hybrid Duvet arrived in this handy storage bag that's made using 100% recyclable materials. It's handy for storage especially for putting bedding away that is out of season. 

One of the main standout features of the Hybrid Duvet is that it is a year round duvet. It's double sided with one side cool and the other warm meaning it's great for keeping you warm on those chilly nights and cool on those warm summer nights. Because of it's Simba Renew Bio™ fill it is soft and fluffy as well as breathable, making sure you don't have that clammy feel. The fresh, cotton outer features the Simba Stratos® temperature control tech to help evaporate excess heat. Another plus is that it is 100% hypoallergenic so it's great for those who have allergies. 

As someone who values a good night's sleep - with its unique features I can say it's one of the best duvets on the market and is the duvet that works well for us. Did you know that there are four main types of sleep animal that most of us fit into? And that each animal corresponds with a sleep chronotype, which is how people sleep. Knowing your chronotype can not only boost your productivity, but it can also tell you the best time to eat, sleep, work, exercise, drink coffee or alcohol. So why not take this quiz to find out your sleep animal – and discover expert tips! After all we all deserve the best night's sleep possible. 

Simba Hybrid Duvets Unique Features

Simba use their engineering expertise along with the latest tech to bring you the best night's sleep.  Here are some of the unique features that are worth knowing about:

Stratos® temperature control 
The Stratos® temperature control is a bit like a thermostat for your duvet. Getting hot at night can be a problem and is common for me, moreso in the summer months. The Stratos® temperature control is on one side for that reason and this high tech feature makes the fabric feel instantly cool to touch, as well as enabling it to react to your body temperature, evaporating any excess heat to keep you cool and dry (even with a cover on.) For optimum temperature control, make sure that this is the side that's closest to your body while you sleep.

Simba Renew Bio™
The Simba Hybrid Duvet is made using high quality materials that are made to last. Thanks to  the Simba Renew Bio™ the  duvet is designed to feel like down duvets, without the actual use of down feathers. It’s made from recycled PET bottle fibres that are gently combined into soft, airy layers, which offers a good, if not better, feel compared with traditional luxury down. It's incredibly comfortable and soft as well as breathable with allowing plenty of airflow through the duvet fill for perfect warmth, and is an ideal alternative to other synthetic or natural fillers.

Responsible materials 
Simba use sustainable materials the Simba Renew Bio™ mentioned above is made from recycled PET bottle fibres. It also has the ability to biodegrade, meaning the fibres they use will be eliminated from the environment entirely. While normal polyester fibres take thousands of years to dissolve, it takes only two years for Simba Renew Bio™ to magically vanish, without a trace. Not only that they also use natural, breathable cotton in their duvets, but are careful where it comes from. Simba are proud to be  part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), a not-for-profit organisation which makes global cotton production better for the people who produce it and the environment it grows in. 

Don't worry - Simba haven't forgotten the practical stuff. The Simba Hybrid Duvet is stitched into squares to prevent clumping, ideal if like me you fidget a lot in your sleep. It’s also machine washable and can be tumble dried (in a large enough machine) and dries more quickly due to the lightness and nature of the fill fibres. 

A QR code is added to the label on the duvet for easy access to recycling or care advice. Another  label is at the foot end of the duvet, so you’ll always know which way round it goes.

Other useful information

The Simba Hybrid Duvet comes in the following sizes : Single, Double, King and Super King.

It is a 10.5 tog duvet that is suitable all year round.

Price and Value for money: It is a high price point and definitely not the cheapest on the market but using it myself I'm confident that it's an investment piece worth saving up for. It's a high quality product that is made with premium materials and innovative technology, this duvet is designed to provide superior comfort and temperature regulation all year round. It is a duvet that is sure to last you years and provide you with the best sleep experience.

How do I clean it?

Cleaning the Simba Hybrid Duvet is easy peasy just pop into a washing machine (in a large enough machine) at 40°. You can then tumble dry it on a warm setting, just make sure the filling is completely dry when you take it out, and give it a shake to spread the filling evenly within the pockets. It is reccomend to wash your duvet every 3-6 months. 

Which way up?

As a reminder the to get the benefit of temperature-regulating Stratos®, you should keep that side nearest to your body - it's the one indicated by the blue piping. You can of course still use a duvet cover and included is 'top' and 'tail' tags to make changing the cover easy.

All of Simba's deliveries are 100% carbon neutral. Simba have worked hard to measure all of the emissions they create and as a result have offset all greenhouse gas emissions for customer deliveries.

Final thoughts

Overall we feel that the Simba Hybrid Duvet is a great investment for the perfect night's sleep. It is definitely a duvet that is worth the money due to it's premium quality. We are very impressed with the temperature regulation especially as I fidget a lot in my sleep and often feel overheated. Being hypoallergenic is definitely a plus as is that it's easy to clean. 

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