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So you have decided it's time to have a bathroom remodel. It's a home improvement that can add value to the future sale of your home. Giving your bathroom a luxury look/feel is something many want in their home. So how do you create a luxury bathroom? Well in this guide I'll share some ideas of what you may wish to consider.


Steam Showers

Steam Showers are increasingly becoming popular in homes. Steam showers are wonderful way to recreate a luxury spa experience at home. A steam shower is basically a moisture-sealed shower enclosure equipped to deliver clouds of steam before, during, or after your shower. Baths are still popular though so if you have the space for a bath as well than its reccomend or you could have a steam shower in your En-suite rather than in the family bathroom.

Neutral colours

Opting for Neutral colours in your bathroom is always a popular choice. Light greys, beige, creams and even pale blue shades give that calming feel. So opt for paint and tiles in these sort of colours for a luxury and relaxing bathroom. White is still a popular choice for your bathroom suite.


Lighting is an important part of your bathroom. You don't have to go for boring and basic options. How about swapping your fixtures for a chandelier, opt for a vanity mirror with lighting or even add LED lights. 


It's time declutter your counter tops and opt for storage solutions that work for you. Having a cupboard to put bits in so you can't see them and aren't cluttering your sides are a great option.


Don't leave your bathroom walls bare instead add some beautiful art pieces.


Flowers and plants 

Bring life to your bathroom with plants and flowers. Add a bouquet in a vase to your counter top or hang greeny on shelves.


You can have lots of fun choosing mirrors for your bathroom with lots of styles and shapes, eg a metal framed mirrors.

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