Ad – review. We were sent Puffin Rush in return for the purpose of this post, all thoughts are my own.

We love games in our household and when we heard about the game Puffin Rush, that was designed by a 9 year old we had to give it a go. Puffin Rush is a game created with Foul Play Games and is a fun game of chance and tactics for ages 5 +. The aim of the game is to race across the snow-covered Arctic to be the first to find a fish, and get it home to your burrow.

To begin the game you have to put down 36 cards in a 6 x 6 grid, this will be your playing area. You then pick your Puffin as well as a ice float platform. Each player picks a side to place their ice tile card connecting it to another tile. Each player then takes it in turns to do an action; moving their ice float or moving onto a tile. If the tile is faced down, you must flip it over before moving onto it. Along the way you will find many different animals. 

The instructions explain which animals will help you and which will thwart  you with your game. It's wise to keep the game instructions nearby for this purpose. The card you need to avoid most of all is the blizzard card as this means you have to turn all the cards back to their starting position! Can you remember where everything was?

The game is aimed for 1-4 players although I think it's more fun when there is at least 2 playing. The game should take approximately 5-10 minutes to play depending on the players skill level. 

The game really is a game of chance as well as planning and tactics as you race to get the fish and scupper the other puffins. In play there are 20 action cards and 12 blank space cards as well as 4 burrow cards. It’s definitely a game for those who are competitive and will make an ideal gift.

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