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Every man should have at least one made to measure suit in their wardrobe. Just like for women owning a little black dress, a made to measure suit is a classic item that is bound to get lots of wear out of. For some men a made to measure suit seems like an indulgence, in todays age suits aren't worn as often everyday as workplace dress codes are becoming more relaxed. However made to measure suits are ideal for special occasions and a worthwhile investment.

Occasions a made to measure suit would be suitable 

A made to measure suit isn't just ideal for one occasion. Here are a few occasions you may wish to wear a made to measure suit.

- Wedding

- Important business meetings or events

- A charity event

- A sporting event, e.g. horse racing

- Christenings 

Benefits of made to measure suits:

- Made to measure suits are tailored to your exact measurements, leaving you feeling both confident and comfortable.

- One of the best things about made to measure suits is the level of customisation offered. You can choose from various fabrics, colours, patterns, and styles to create a suit to your taste. 

- It's also possible to add extra little finishing touches that are personal to you such as monogramming and custom buttons.

- They are an investment piece, although expensive you are likely to wear it time and time again. It will also likely result in the finest suit that you will wear in your lifetime. 

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