Ad – review. I was sent the AMIRO R3 Turbo Facial RF Skin Tightening Device for review purposes, all thoughts are my own. 

Over the past two weeks I've been using the AMIRO R3 Facial Device. The aim of the device is to rejuvenate your skin using radiofrequency skin tightening. This  is ideal for women (and men) who are looking at toning their skin and smoothing wrinkles. My previous post explained about how the technology works along with what you should get in the limited-edition set. Today I'm sharing with you my experience of using the device and my results after two weeks. 

As a reminder the facial device has 3 mode settings for:

- Eye area for a lightening and brightening look

- Contour for a refined jaw line

- Full face for anti-aging 

The device is easy to use once you turn it on you have 3  different modes to choose from as well as level settings to choose from. It's reccomended to start at level 1 especially your first time using the device until you are use to how it feels.

Before use of the facial device make sure that you cleanse your skin so your skin is clean and fresh of make up and/or oil . Then you can choose which of the three modes to use.

Mode 1: The eye area
Apply either the AMIRO gel or eye mask first.
Once you turn on the facial device it automatically will be in the mode for full face anti aging so lightly press the power button to put into eye area mode. Slide the device around the eye area switching zones depending on the vibration reminders avoiding the upper eye area. After 4 minutes the device turns off, remove the mask and massage in any excess gel. One thing I will say that I wasn't keen about the eye masks is the ones that go under the eyes break easily and  have a polystyrene feel to them but the one that go over this as pictured above are completely fine.

Mode 2: V Contour Emergency Mode
For this mode you can use either the AMIRO gel or the jawline mask. Once you turn on the facial device you will need to lightly press the power mode button twice to put into the correct mode. Gently slide the facial device over the area switching zones depending on the vibration reminders. It should be used for 2 minutes each side of your jawline. I did find that the jawline masks are a bit of a tight fit on me but I made it work.

Mode 3: Full Face anti aging 
For this mode you apply the AMIRO gel over your whole face. Once you turn on the device it will automatically be on the full face mode. Glide the facial device over your skin switching zones depending on the vibration reminders. The device should turn off after 5 minutes use. Remove any excess gel from your skin and moisturise.

Over the past two weeks I've been using the facial device every two days. I've used each of the different modes twice up to a level 3.  The photos of the left are taken before using the facial device and the photos of the right are after using the device over the two week period. I'm not sure how easy it is for others to see but my skin definitely feels less puffy and more toned especially around my cheeks. After each use of the facial device I've definitely found that my skin feels more toned and gives my skin a glow.

For the next two weeks I'm going to use the facial device every day instead of every two days to see if the results are more noticeable. Even if looks wise there isn't much difference I'm definitely noticing a difference in how my skin feels so there is definitely a positive experience from using the facial device so far.

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