Another month of being thrifty but first up I have a confession to make. I under budgeted when it came to the cost of getting new glasses. I had an eye test this month and knew that I was going to need new glasses and set aside an amount. However I hadn't considered the extra cost for my lenses to be thinned as I have such a high prescription, definitely a mistake I won't be making again. I've now set a new sinking fund up ready to put money aside for new glasses that I will need in the future for now though fingers crossed I'll get at least two years wear from these new ones.

Frugal anniversary and Valentines

Our anniversary was on the 4th of February and both Stuart and I agreed to not get each other any gifts this year. We did order a Chinese in for our anniversary meal instead of going out which saved us money as we spent less than we would have at a restaurant. We also had left overs we heated up the next day for lunch. As for Valentines Day we opted for a supermarket dine in deal. Again we agreed not to do presents and we didn't do each other cards either.


We've made the decision to no longer send out cards as postage is expensive. Instead we will be doing E-cards which I'll make using Canva. The exception is my nan who is in her 80s and not tech savvy.

Make our own bathbombs

B loves using bathbombs but as they are expensive we make our own. This way he can still enjoy bath time at a fraction of the cost. We've been doing this for awhile now and as we needed to make up another batch I thought it was a good time to share with you.

Free National Trust Day Out

We managed to get a free family day out voucher to visit a National Trust property so we used it during half term to visit Clumber Park. They were only giving out a certain number online and we luckily were able to get one. A few different newspapers also had the vouchers in them so it's worth looking out for.

Too good to go

We got a Too good to go bag from one of the local SPAR shops for £3.09. The items retail value was £13.47 and we've used everything that was in the bag so was worth it for us. We will definitely get a SPAR one in the future.

Fixed B's book bag

The velcro was going on B's book bag for school so instead of buying a new one for £8 we mended it using velcro we already had.

Amazon shopping panel

I scan my receipts on the amazon shopping pannel app. I got a £5 amazon gift card on the first of the month which I used on a book Money : a users guide which I'm planning to read in March.

Signed up to Chloe's deal club

I love finding a bargain and I recently signed up to Chloe's deal club newsletter so I get bargains sent to my inbox once a week.

I've started searching for freebies online and these are what I've managed to get this month:

- Full Size Rimmel Mascara for downloading the Rimmel Live app and filling in a survey. 

- Sample size (15ml) hand cream from Neutrogena 

- Small sample of SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid Serum

- 15ml sample of Olaplex number 3 hair repair treatment 

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