Embarking on adventures abroad can be lots of fun whether you do so with family, friends or you're a solo traveller. If you are a frequent flyer than you know that travel as well as exciting can be pretty exhausting too. This is why, with the right hacks you can make your experience seamless. 

Booking flights, navigating airports, knowing your rights with flight delays/cancellations and increasing your comfort, with the hacks I'm sharing below you are sure to make your travels more enjoyable.

Packing Smart 

Before heading off on your adventures it's all about packing smart. Packing efficiently helps to save you time and stress. Use packing cubes in your luggage and roll up clothing to maximise space and minimise creases. Invest in quality hand luggage for your carry on and always pack spare clothes and essentials in them in case there are any delays or your luggage is lost.

Booking your flights

Join loyalty programs to earn points on your flights. Travel credit cards are also a great way to accumulate points on everyday purchases. This is a must for frequent flyers as you could get offers such as upgrades to business class etc.

When booking flights timing is everything as prices fluctuate depending on the demand, time of the week and proximity to when you are travelling. Tools such as Google Flights can be useful for comparing prices and setting up alerts on fair drops. Tuesday afternoons tend to be the best time for finding the best deals. Another tip is to clear your browser's cookies or use incognito mode to prevent prices hikes based on your search history.

Know your rights

When it comes to travelling flight delays and cancellations happen. It's important to know your rights in advance in case this happens to you. AirHelp can help you to claim compensation on delays and cancellations. This is helpful and less stress on you having to sort out loads of paperwork which would be time-consuming.

Airport Navigating

Download the app for your airline and check in early. Apps also give you real time updates and digital boarding passes. Another tip is to familiarise yourself with the layout of the airport so that you know where the lounges, gates and amenities are located. If you have a disability it's also worthwhile letting the airline know as you maybe able to skip queues.

In-flight comfort

Long flights can take their toll on your body so it's important to have things to hand for comfort. Wear comfortable clothing such as light fabrics, consider bringing a neck pillow, eye mask, and noise-canceling headphones. Also make sure you stay hydrated and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Finally try and get an aisle seat so that you are able to get up often to move around, especially on long-haul flights.

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