London Trip Part Three: The Westbridge Food


One of the great things about our stay was that the people from Gu had prepaid for
us to have a 3 course meal in the evening and breakfast the next day. 

The Westbridge have such a lovely menu and it was hard to choose what we wanted. 
The good thing is that they have the menu up on their website so it kind 
of helped to have an idea of what we would like in advance. 

We both chose to go with the same starter I am huge fan of salmon
 so the salmon fish cakes was definitely going to be my choice.
When it arrived I was really impressed it looks so lovely and tastes divine
hubby was also very impressed. 

We knew once we had finished the starter that the rest of the meal was going to be lovely too.  

So what did we choose for our mains? 

Well Stuart went for a 10z steak with chips which I am not surprised he chose
as he loves a good steak. 
I did get to have a little try of both the steak and chips.
Both me and Stuart like our streak well done and this was lovely very tender
and just perfect and the chips were fab too. 

I chose to go for Pan fried chicken with carrots, cauliflower, tomato's and
potato dauphinoise topped with peppercorn sauce. 

It was really good the veg was perfectly done not too hard or too soft, the potato's were just so fab
and cheesy and the chicken was very succulent and was very filling.   

Moving on Stuart went for a very refreshing lemon sorbet for dessert
which came with raspberries and wafers. 

I of course had to go for something chocolatey and I am glad I did this was
delicious it is the chocolate and praline torte with raspberries and raspberry sauce. 

For our first drink we brought we decided to just go for a regular fizzy drink. 
But then we decided to for Mocktails. 

I  can't remember the exact name of the one Stuart went for but I think it was Italian something or other lol. 

 I went for the Raspberry cooler ( I think I see a theme here) 
The mint made it very refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

After a good nights sleep as we had a really late night (see tomorrows post) 
we got up, dressed, and went down to breakfast. 

We were shown to a little room where the breakfast's were kept and there was such a wide choice. 
Cereals, fruit, yoghurt, salmon and other meat selections, toast, fry up and last of all pastry's.

There was also a selection of drinks such as teas, coffees, hot chocolate and fruit juices. 

We decided first of all that we had to have a fry up. 
This is what I chose to have: 
- Grilled tomato
- fried mushrooms
- Hash Brown
- fried egg
- chicken sausage
- turkey bacon 

We then both decided to go for pastries as well  which were really lovely.

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  1. Mmm you're making me hungry!!!! Looks lovely, gorgeous photos! xx

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    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

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