London Trip Part Two: The Westbridge Hotel

Yesterday I told you all about our trip to the Gu Factory in Walthamstow, today I am telling
you all about the hotel we stayed in The Westbridge in Stratford. 

We were due to check into the hotel at 3pm and on arrival we were told that our room
was unfortunately delayed as it wasn't quite ready for us. 
So we were told that we were welcome to use the coffee house and that we could have
a complementary coffee on the house. 

After half an hour they came into the coffee house to let us know that our room was ready, we checked in 
and then was taken up to our room which the Gu company had booked for us.

On our way to our room we passed this beautiful lounge area where we were told 
newspapers were free and we could use the computers if we wanted to. 
We were also told about the free wifi which we didn't need a code for. 

Our room was number 8 the Montana Suite! 
Gu had booked us one of the suites which are the biggest of the rooms in the hotel. 
We also had a three course dinner and breakfast included in the deal. 

As you open the door to the Suite you have a slot to put your key card in 
so that you have air conditioning and electric in your room.
You then have a small staircase and when you get to the top its a really breathtaking room. 

On a side table in the room we found a kettle and a selection of 
water, teas, coffees and hot chocolate and two biscuits.

After looking around the room the first thing we did was have a coffee whilst relaxing before going down to dinner. 

At the top of the stairs there is a little table and chairs with a lovely vase of fresh flowers.
This is there as you are able to order room service from the dinner menu if you wish to. 
The room also has a little fridge which was good for keeping my Gu Puds in overnight
and a safe which we didn't use as we were only staying the one night. 

The room also had a large TV which Stuart used briefly for playing games on, and
a good size chest of draws and wardrobe which fitted the black and white theme of the room perfectly. 

The bed is King size with an orthopaedic mattress which was
extremely comfortable to sleep on. 
As you can see we were also given some lovely and soft robes and some small milk chocolate which was a lovely touch. 

Next to the bed was a lovely and comfy two seater sofa and a glass coffee table. 
There is also a small balcony with a little table and chairs which meant we could relaxing and get some fresh air
for a bit before we went out and we got to see a stunning sunset and views over Canary Wharf and the Olympic park.  We also chose to sit out on the balcony and have a coffee before we checked out the next day. 

Our room of course also had a bathroom but the main feature for me was the
Jacuzzi bath which was totally bliss and just so relaxing!

We certainly recommend the Westbridge  from the moment we stepped into the hotel 
to the minute we left the staff were lovely, very polite and happy to help. 
The food was also perfect which is for another post (check back later today)

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Unknown said...

Wow! What a gorgeous hotel... Especially love the look of the Jacuzzi bath!

Lauren O said...

Looks sooo lush! Wouldn't mind staying there myself

mummy24 said...

Looks a great hotel!


Maya Russell said...

Looks like a really sleek hotel. How lucky are you!

jayne said...

looks absolutely amazing!

Lynne O'Connor said...

Wow, Stratford has certainly improved in the last few years. That hotel looks lovely. Isn't it nice when you don't have to pay extra for wifi

Unknown said...

Looks gorgeous

Unknown said...

free wifi is a massive bonus, not to mention a free coffee

Gwyn Sharps said...

Looks like a great hotel

sizzler4eva said...

i dont go anywhere that doesnt offer free wifi, it was nice of them to offer the free coffee. great review

debbie godbolt said...

great review the hotel sounds fabulous x

Rebecca Smith said...

Looks like you had a fun time

Lauren O said...

Looks very luxurious! Love the colours on the bedding

Jacqueline Roberts said...

looks great x

Unknown said...

lovely, not sure why i need to comment on this again today, but will do anyway :-)

Felicity Smith said...

looks lovely, bit stark but very swish

Isabel said...

That bath looks lovely!

Catherine Bell said...

Looks like a very beautiful hotel

Natalie Gillham said...

Looks like my kind of Hotel, Hope you had fun :) Natalie Gillham x

Diane Wood said...

sounds like luxury to me!

jrandrews72 said...

Looks a very expensive hotel

Laura Caraher said...

What a gorgeous room :)

Laura Caraher said...

What a gorgeous room :)

Carriecakes said...

Lovely review! Very plush looking indeed :-) I could do with a jacuzzi atm! :-) Glad you had a lovely time! <3 x said...

wow looks amazing

Sam B said...

What a lovely room! I'd like that Jacuzzi bath! The flowers were a nice touch.

kayleigh white said...

Looks very posh!

Leanne Cornelius said...

oh wow this looks gorgeous! x

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