Spring Menu At The Horse And Jockey


The Table Table restaurants have released a new menu in time for spring. 
When I was invited to go and review it at one of the local branches, I couldn't say no! 
We went yesterday evening after Stuart had finished work and Blake had fun spending time
with his Granny and Grandpa at home. 

The Horse and Jockey is situated just off the A5. It is easy to find and has a large car park, 
which I happened to noticed also had some disabled parking as well. 
Horse and Jockey are close to Dunstable Downs & Whipsnade Zoo, so  they are perfectly placed for family days out. The garden looks like the ideal spot for a bite to eat during the summer months. 

We actually arrived earlier than the table was booked for as we had chosen the table to be booked for 6:30 pm just in case of rush hour traffic.
We went in and told them that we had a reservation but we were early, however they were more than happy to show us to our table and let us order. 
We got to sit at a table that was looking out the window so that we had the view of the road and countryside. 

Once we were seated we asked to have a look at the wine menu. 
Unfortunately as the spring menu is just coming out they didn't have a copy of 
the new wine menu as of yet. 
We wanted to go for a rosé wine which they were happy to give recommendations of. 
We were also told that two of the items on the menu were unavailable due to running out of them. This wasn't an issue for as we had a quick look at the menu
prior to our visit so knew what we were most likely going to go for. 

The Menu itself had a large selection of starter, main, side and dessert dishes. 
We were very impressed with the varied selection on offer and found it hard to choose from. 
I'm glad that we had looked at the menu online prior to going as I think we 
would have taken much longer to make our choices otherwise. 

I also had a little peek at what they had to offer for children too which was on a separate menu and was also impressed with the selection they had for little ones. 

The wine that we chose to go for was the Blossom Hill White Zinfandel which is a refreshing palate of lovely rosé with aromas of ripe strawberries and juicy watermelon. Soft and aromatic. 
I don't drink that often but when I do and go for wine, rosé is by far my preferred choice. 


Stuart chose to go for the Wasabi King Prawns which is served with a pea and mint mayo dip.
He said " They are very light with bubbly batter.
They had a perfect balance of heat with freshness." 

For my starter I picked out the Smoked Salmon. 
The smoked salmon came with malted brown bread and horseradish cheese. 
I'm not usually a fan of horseradish but i'm so glad that I chose to try the
horseradish cheese. The cheese had the lovely horseradish taste but without being too overpowering.


Stuart went for the New Zealand lamb rump which came with a rich malbec sauce, mint crushed potatoes and cauliflower cheese.
He said " The lamb was cooked perfectly ( well done) as requested. 
The potatoes and cauliflower cheese were delicious with ample portions."

I also went for lamb but a lamb pie. 
The pie was served with mint mash, kale and gravy. 
The lamb was very tender and wasn't fatty (which I hate) and the pie was
very filling too so I must admit I was wondering how I could fit dessert in.  


We both decided to go for a sundae for dessert. Stuart chose the After Eight® which was
Vanilla ice cream mixed with After Eight® pieces, drizzled with mint syrup and chocolate flavoured sauce and topped with a whip of cream and an After Eight® mint.
Stuart said " A perfect after meal refreshment" 

I went for the Black forest sundae which was Vanilla ice cream, brownie pieces and cherries soaked in kirsch. Topped with a whip of cream and a chocolate flake, 
this was a truly delicious dessert, I've not had an ice cream sundae in 
so long I forgot how good they are. 

Our experience of the Horse and Jockey was very positive with: 

- Polite and helpful staff
 - a great selection of delicious meals
- a lovely location
- family friendly atmosphere. 

Both Stuart and I both agree that we would definitely go back there again. 
If you like the look of the wonderful food and experience we had why not book a table for Easter!

* Disclaimer I was given this meal in return for an honest review
all thoughts, photos and opinions are of our own. 

For details on how I work with Brands have a look at my Work With Me Page

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  1. Ooo I love Table table restaurants, we used to have one near us and the food was amazing but sadly the it got taken over by a different chain. The food looks delicious thou xx

  2. Not a huge fish eater but I know my oh would really appreciate those prawns. Desserts have my mouth watering. The food presentation is brilliant. Really like the look of this place!

  3. The food looks gorgeous, really well presented, and it looks like a really warm and inviting atmosphere!

  4. The meals look really wholesome - something I really appreciate in a good restaurant. And I love how traditional the sundaes are. :) x

  5. I love that they have a separate menu for children and that salmon dish looks delicious! x

  6. Absolutely loving Stuart's quotes. Sounds like a nice place.

  7. We have always had a great meal at Table Table - glad this didn't disappoint

  8. Mmmmm that food looks deeeelish! I'm so looking forward to the next time me and hubs go out for a meal, we're having a night away in London and I'm trying to lose a little bit of weight that I gained first - so I feel my best! H x

  9. Ooh those prawns and that salmon sounds delightful! Can you tell i like fish aha. Sounds like a great place to visit
    - Cydney

  10. Sounds like a great new menu and glad they have lots on offer for the kids too.

  11. The new menu looks lovely. I love prawns so the wasabi prawns would have been my pick. Glad the staff were friendly too. If we're ever in the area we'll have to try it x

  12. The food looks amazing! Im not sure if we have one local to us but im going to take a look. I love salmon and the dessert is just all making me hungry :).Marie x

  13. I don't think we have any Table Table restaurants near us, but I'd definitely be trying one of those sundaes if we did!

  14. Oh wow that all looks lovely and we have a Table Table near us too so I'm happy to hear about the new menu. Will check it out X

  15. Looks really good. I think the wasabi king prawns sounds really nice and the desserts - yum!

  16. Ooh, we have a Table Table near us but I've never been. Might have to change that over the Easter holidays, the food looks lovely.

  17. Ooh those ice-creams look lovely and the meal overall looked really appetising X

  18. This looks delicious, love the look of the lamb pie and after eight ice cream x

  19. We don't have any Table Table restaurants down my way but I've heard such good things about them. This looks like a great restaurant though I would have liked to hear more about the children's menu. All too often it's something and chips only. Did this offer any more variety?

  20. Those desserts had me licking my lips and with the lamb, I am glad they didn't put the sauce all over the food x

  21. Looks like you had a great time out. That used to be my favourite wine until I got pregnant, my taste buds seem to have changed

  22. We've never eaten at a Table Table restaurant but the food looks great! Very yummy desserts :)

  23. Food looks great. I'm not sure it would have lasted long enough to take a picture if it was me eating it! :D

  24. I love the Horse and Jockey, think I'm going to have to visit there soon!

  25. It looks lovely, it's made me Hungary reading your post! Xx

  26. Yeh, so now I'm hungry! I think I'll have the salmon too! Nothing beats couples time and when there is food involved all the better. We enjoy table table with the children.... I always find it nice how they space out the tables... More room for wiggling toddlers.... A crayon fling or two..... Maybe it should be called table, space table? Xx

  27. I actually find the Table Table restaurants really lovely. I've only ever been to one though.

  28. This looks a great place to eat - I love Rose wine too! I have never visited a Table Table restaurant. Kaz x

  29. The smoked salmon looks so good but to be honest I don't think I'm going to be able to eat it any time soon, as I have spent 3 days in a row eating it! hehe!

  30. The food there looks delicious. The desserts look especially appealing :)

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