Little Pot of Moa (and it's many uses)

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Moa Balm is a multi purpose product and I absolutely LOVE this product. 
I  originally came across this handy little balm when I decided to try out 
Glossy box. 
  After some research and experimentation I have found it useful in so many ways. 

So here are the uses that I have found so far * is the ones I not tried out yet

- Sooth Itchy skin ( this really does work I used this when I had itchy hands) 
- As a lip balm ( I used this sooth my sore lips) 
- apply to sore nose when you have a cold (really works) 
- Mix with warm water to gargle when you have a sore throat *
- Calm sun burn *
- Help heal minor cuts and burns 
- use on blisters 
- zap pesky insect bites*
- calm skin after shaving *
- Help fade stretch marks * 
- sooth new tattoo's*
- soften dry skin 
- condition your eye lashes * 
-Lip scrub * 
- eyelash treatment *

its amazing how this little pot can have so many uses
so if you have any more tips or uses for this product let me know am sure there are more. 

This handy little pot retails at
 £9.99 for 50ml 
£4.99 for 15ml 

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