Lush Twilight Bath Bomb

At the same time I got the Snow Fairy Magic wand Bubble Bar
(see review here
I also got the Twilight Bath Bomb I have wanted this bath bomb for a long time now.

I always if possible try and cut my bath bombs in half so that 
I can get more uses out of them and this was no different. 
As you can see in the photo below once I had cut it in half
the inside is a lovely what I tend to call powder blue colour.
I love it when the inside of a bath bomb is a different colour then the 

I used this bath bomb on Christmas Day morning
even though the bath bomb is aimed for use in the evening. 
The aim of the bath bomb is for when you are struggling 
to sleep so has lavender oil to help you wind down. 

I did find that I felt more relaxed after using this 
which was fab as Christmas is meant to be a day of
fun and relaxation. 

This bath bomb smells wonderful and I really noticed the 
lavender scent. I could also smell some other scents
but was unsure what they were until I looked up more 
on this bath bomb and found that as well as
lavender the twilight bath bomb also have notes
of caramel and malt. 

The photo below doesn't really give this bath bomb any justice 
of how fab the colours are, but I can tell you 
that it does look near enough like the images on 
Lush's website. 

I did take some more photo's to show this however the 
images turned out blury :( 

The Twilight bath bomb retails at £3.20
have you ever tried the Twilight bath bomb? 

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