Christmas Presents :)

Hi everyone, I have seen a couple of these posts floating around 
so have decided to join in. 
I don't have a huge family and we don't have a huge budget either. 
However I am extremely thankful for all of my gifts.

My Mum got me some much needed Pjs these are
so lovely and comfy.

Some lovely and comfy boot slippers from my mum 
Stuart got me Zumba Core for the Wii I now have all three
of the zumba wii games. 

Some make up brushes and some bath fizzers 
also from Stuart

I love Jennifer Aniston so was glad to get this dvd
also from Stuart

Foot stuff: fluffy socks, foot soak, foot crystals and foot cream
from Stuart

A range of Lush Bath bombs from my nan
I will most likely review these. 

Some Shabby Chic country rose heart hangings and
a lovely Sass and Belle Jewellery Tree from Stuart's Brother
(we do a round robin each year)

I also got some money from my Grandma and my Uncle
a boots gift card from my sister, an M&S gift card from my father in law
and an Amazon gift card from my mother in law. 

I hope you all had a fab Christmas 

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