Review: Jewelfone Passion

I've always loved listening to music on my phone, laptop, CD player and MP3 player. 
I always find that most earphones I have used look plain and boring and break fairly easily.But that was before I came across Jewelfone . 

Jewelfones are high quality earphones that can be easily converted into a 
necklace designed so that you have the flexibility to move.

Jewelfone have 5 different designs ruby, twilight, precious, 
fever and passion.I was given the opportunity to try out the Passion ones which have small pink and silver pearls covering the wirewith cute and sparkly gem encrusted heart shaped ear piece. which is great for someone like me who loves pink, girly and sparkles and is a romantic at heart. They also  have a magnetic clasp which attaches 

round the neck like a necklace which means no more earphones dangling from your pocket when not in use.

I've found that earphones are much better quality than others
I have used in the past.Not just looks wise and sound wise but also comfort wise too. 

I would 100% recommend these earphones in factyou just have to buy a pair as an Christmas present even if its a little present for yourself. 
These wonderful earphones retail at £19.99 but are definitely worth the price. 


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