Birthday Wish List


Today is one month until my 23rd Birthday 
so I have compiled a birthday wishlist of things 
I would love my family and friends to get me. 

First of all is this lovely bag from New Look, £19.99.
When it comes to handbags I find that I always go for trusty black. This time I want
to go for something a bit different and I love 
this one.

I have seen a necklace I like in a local shops window ,
which is a little similar to the one in the photo. 

This lovely stripped top is  in the New Look sale at £7.

I also love this pink and gold owl top this
is currently in the sale at £7 and I'm loving owls atm. 

These books are from The Bright side range which can be found on Amazon.

 Last of all the earrings are from Argos I am in the need of more stud earrings so these are fab. 

Would you like to comment?

Anonymous said...
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Admin said...

I love the bag, so stylish and the necklace too, is pretty.

Nude Jewellery said...

I love those earrings. Without a jewellery piece, wish list is incomplete. These earrings would be look so pretty on you.

jo said...

I need one of the 'when stuff is' book so handy!

tamalyn said...

thanks for the idea, its my 40th in a few weeks and i need to write a wishlist too!

Carriecakes said...

Your birthday is very close to mine, Taureans are great aren't they? lol. I love your birthday wish list, haven't made one since I was kid, never too early to start either! Out of all of it, I love the peachy top the best! :-)