My Dream Home

One of my biggest dreams is to own our own home.
Right now we are renting and in the foreseeable future
it looks as though that's what we are going to be
having to do for quite awhile. 

I have so many plans on what our dream home would look 
like and I love these cute country houses for sale.
This little cottage in the photo below is what I nabbed off pintrest
you can see the rest of my pin board/s here. 

I've always said to Stuart that I love the idea of having a spacious place
to live with white walls so that its a blank canvas to put our own mark on it. 
My ideal home would be a shabby chic haven.

Living room

I'd love a living room with loads of space,wooden floors 
with white shabby chic style furniture and a wide screen tv. 

Dining room 

Again loads of space, wooden floors, white shabby chic style table and chairs
with a view to the garden 


white kitchen cabinets with pine on top ,
with rope lighting tucked up the underside illuminating the floor.
The walls would be a lovely blue shade. 

shabby chic colours and furniture, a walk in wardrobe filled to 
brim with clothes and shoes. 

spacious with cream flooring, both a bath and a shower cubical
that are white and pine.

For now I am just going to dream and pin some more ideas on pinterest.

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Admin said...

I love that house in the picture. I don't like white kitchen cupboards, only because they get mucky quick and I'm a clean freak lol

Unknown said...

That is such a beautiful house! Almost doesn't look real it's so perfect!

choux pastry hearts said...

Your dream home sounds like mine :)

Jayne said...

I love the sound of your dream home.