Review: Vileda Cleaning Products

Hi all hope you had a lovely bank holiday!
I was planning to write up this post yesterday however
I came down with what I can assume was a 24 hour bug
since I am feeling a little better now I can 
tell you all about Vileda. 

A little bit about Vileda
Vileda has been around for quite a while in fact 
as far back as 60 years ago.
Vileda products are sold in over 29 different countries.

First of all I have the must have cleaning gadget for spring 2013, 
Vileda has launched the 1,2 spray mini!

Ideal for those of you who like a sparking clean with minimal elbow grease. 
The 1,2 spray mini is a miniature handy  version of their best selling mop. 
Whilst the mop focuses on cleaning floors the 1,2 mini is ideal for
worktops, windows, doors and glass tables to name a few. 

Like the mop the spray mini's handle fills with water or cleaning fluid.
The mini has an all in one system ergonomic handle, meaning that 
you can simply spray, wipe and clean. 

The mini gadget removes finger prints, grease and smears from 
a wide range of surfaces and I love using this to clean my bathroom

The special microfibre pad gives five times a better clean than an ordinary cloth. 
The pads absorbs liquid and glides easily across surfaces and the pad is durable 
and is easily removed to be washed in the washing machine.

The 1,2 spray mini is available in most supermarkets and retails at £6.99, with
the refill pad retailing at £2.99. 

Moving on to the dish cloths the Style dish cloth is ideal for 
wiping down kitchen surfaces and cleaning up spillages. 
whilst the Style Sunsplash cloth  is great for using around the 
home and great used wet or dry.
Both packs of cloth's retail at 99p for a pack of 2

Last of all we have the fantastic power scourer range. 
The extra power scourer is fab for cleaning up super tough dirt 
whilst the non scratch scourer is suitable for using on more delicate surfaces. 

The 3D structure features scrubbing nodules which provide an overall 
better cleaning performance.

a pack of 2 retails at £1.19.

Over all Vileda have a fab range of products that really work.
Now go and check them out here and on facebook.

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