Review: SoukSouk May Beauty Box

This evening I have another lovely beauty box to share with you. 
This time is the brand spanking new beauty box to the market 

SoukSouk provide beauty boxes where all of the products are green/organic. 
The May box is only the second box so far and I am thrilled to be able
to do a review for you guys to see!

These boxes are a bit like some of the other beauty boxes out there with the fact that you need
to subscribe. 
They have 4 packages to choose from: 
1 month: £12 + P&P
3 months: £36 + P&P
6 months: £60 + P&P
12 months: £120 + P&P.

So here is what is in the May beauty Box

First of all the Inika eyebrow pencil, £13.50. 
This brow pencil contains certified organic ingredients and is
100 % vegan. 
 This brow pencil can be used as any eyeliner for those with paler skin. 


As you can see this is kind of a dark colour on me and since I have very pale skin,
I do feel that this would be more suited to use this one as an eyeliner. 
I would be interested in seeing how there lighter shade one would be like
on me. 

Secondly we have Green People Body Lotion and shower gel.
As you may know I am a huge fan of Green People products 
and in fact did a give-away last December of the full sized versions of these
very products, so this was great for me to be able to try them myself.

This next product is very exciting its the Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap 18-in-1 Hemp Rose, prices start at £1.50.
I love how this product is multi-purpose and can be used in 18 different ways!

Last of all we have BalmBalm lip balm, £3.50. 
100% organic and 100% natural these lip balms come in three
scents Rose Geranium, Tea Tree and Unscented. 
 I received the Tea Tree one and I also found out 
this can also be used on your body and even your feet!

Overall the beauty box has a lovely range of items and its great to see 
a beauty box that has green/organic items only.

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