Review: Tru-Diamonds™ 1ct Solitaire Pendant

In March I got to show you the lovely Tru-Diamonds™ Trilogy ring. 
This month I get to show you another of their wonderful pieces of jewellery. 
You can read my review of the Trilogy ring here.

I received the lovely Solitaire pendant , £79 which contains 
1ct simulated diamonds on platinum clad. 
The chain is to be brought separate and costs £39-£49 
depending on which chain you choose. 

As you can see the pendant comes in their usual cherry wood box.
As usual with all Tru-diamonds items it is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and
  a copy of their exclusive triple guarantee. 

Just like the Trilogy ring, you are unable to tell that 
this pendant is only simulated as they look so realistic.

So if your on the look out for a gift than I would recommend you  try 

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laura avery said...

wow such a lovely item too x

Mark Whittaker said...

It is always nice to get real diamonds, but I think that the vast majority of people would not be able to tell and for the price simulated diamonds are such good value and can look stunning. I always think that its definitely wise to keep it relatively simple other wize you can look like you are wearing costume jewellery ( which I have nothing against , but if you are going for a diamond look...)