Norfolk Day Two

On Sunday we headed out after 10 to Norwich and decided 
to see Norwich Cathedral. 

As you can see from the photo's it was very beautiful 
the pattern on the ceiling was amazing and I loved the stain glassed
windows. We ended up in the little gift shop in there
and Stuart spent part of his birthday money on a lovely 
glass block with some lovely religious pictures carved in. 

We then headed off to Cromer had a little look around then 
headed to the pier. Unfortunatly after this photo was taken 
as we were about to head onto the pier it started to rain so we had to head back. 

In the evening we had rice and chicken for dinner and then
ate our way through this lovely white chocolate cheesecake.
We were going to go out for a drink in the evening however the nearest pub
was closed so we ended up going back to the caravan and watched a bit 
of Mrs Browns boys and played scrabble again. 

On Monday we made the 4/5 hour journey back home. 

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