What I got Stuart for his Birthday

I have been rather rubbish at doing this #blogyoursocksoff challenge so far
so this means your going to have two posts up today to 
make up for yesterday. 

Men are so hard to buy for and I wanted to buy Stuart something rather than 
just give him a gift card which a lot of people tend to do. 

After browsing on Amazon to find some items that 
he would love and matched his interests. 

I chose this Sonic The Hedgehog sandwich tin because
I wanted to get him something Sonic The Hedgehog as 
he is totally obsessed. I also wanted to get him
something Sonic that I knew he didn't have. 

Sweets because well he is a sweet addict. 

Books because he is a fan of these TV shows and has got a QI and Mock The Week
book already but these are the most recent ones I knew he didn't have. 

I also got him a mug with Budgies on it as he use to have pet budgies. 

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