Review: Panache D+ Sports Bra

When it comes to weight-loss eating healthy and exercising come hand in hand. 
Since I started my weight-loss journey in January I have found 
love for exercise and keeping my body fit and healthy. 

My only issue is that my everyday bra was digging into me whilst exercising 
so I contacted Panache to find the ideal sports bra.

One of the main things I was concerned about when finding a sports
bra is that I am quiet busty so vigorous movements
cause bounce which can hurt too. 
The Panache Sports bra offers the ultimate support and reduces bounce up 
to 83%.
The bra holds each breast by supporting and reducing movement during any exercise.
 The new range is made with a breathable, soft and lightweight micro-fibre and sports mesh fabrics which are comfortable to wear. 

Available from a B-H cup in a choice of colours 
including Black, White, Grey & now new fashion raspberry and red.

The Panache Sports Bra retails at approx £35. 


- 83% less bounce 
- Comes in a range of colours
- Is comfortable
- Ideal for women with a bigger bust


- Price this is the only downside as I would love to get another one
however price wise its not in my budget but it does work wonders 
so it prob worth considering.

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