Review: Panache D+ Sports Bra

When it comes to weight-loss eating healthy and exercising come hand in hand. 
Since I started my weight-loss journey in January I have found 
love for exercise and keeping my body fit and healthy. 

My only issue is that my everyday bra was digging into me whilst exercising 
so I contacted Panache to find the ideal sports bra.

One of the main things I was concerned about when finding a sports
bra is that I am quiet busty so vigorous movements
cause bounce which can hurt too. 
The Panache Sports bra offers the ultimate support and reduces bounce up 
to 83%.
The bra holds each breast by supporting and reducing movement during any exercise.
 The new range is made with a breathable, soft and lightweight micro-fibre and sports mesh fabrics which are comfortable to wear. 

Available from a B-H cup in a choice of colours 
including Black, White, Grey & now new fashion raspberry and red.

The Panache Sports Bra retails at approx £35. 


- 83% less bounce 
- Comes in a range of colours
- Is comfortable
- Ideal for women with a bigger bust


- Price this is the only downside as I would love to get another one
however price wise its not in my budget but it does work wonders 
so it prob worth considering.

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Kim Carberry said...

That looks comfy!! So glad to see they cater for us with more on top...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Nice Bra!!!! The bra is now available for all types of women. Many girls like a sports bra and really these are in trend today as they give full comfort to you. You did not feel any type of itching and any problem with that. So, you can try at least once.

Debbie said...

I've been looking for a decent sports bra. Thank you Joanna x