Review: Slinky Links Tassel Leather Earrings

My posts have been a bit delayed as I was planning on writing up 
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 SlinkyLinks is a company owned by Melodie Telliez.
Melodie set up SlinkyLinks as a way to turn scraps of leather into beautiful Christmas Gifts! 
She use to work for a shoe maker in London and found that their was left over bits
of leather that couldn't really be used for anything well that was what was thought...

 She decided to act and use the scraps to make jewellery gifts for her friends and family. 
She got such good feedback that she decided to open her little Esty shop. 

I was sent some Gold Leather Tassel Earrings, £15 to show you. 
They are made from high quality reclaimed gold leather and are rolled up
around a thin chain and secured with a jump ring allowing them to 
adjust the length of the earrings by sliding the tassels along the chain. 
For the chains and hardware Melodie uses stainless steel or 14k gold fill
to prevent allergies. 

- Uses up left over leather so a fab way to stop wastage
-  Chains and hardware made from metals that prevent allergies
- stylish and unique pieces
- adjustable

None I can really think of. 


SlinkyLinks sell a range of very unique and stylish pieces using left over material 
which are sold for a great price and makes wonderful gifts for Christmas. 

SlinkyLinks currently having 10% off over on her Esty shop  if you use the code : 10PERCENTOFF until 
31/12/2013 . 


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