Flamingo Gifts

 Flamingo Gifts stock a wide range of unique gifts suitable for any occasion. 
From kitsch to traditional, children to adults Flamingo gifts have everything your heart desires. 
You are sure to find a gift to treat yourself or your loved ones.

Flamingo Gifts also cater for every budget and offer the lowest prices possible for extremely 
high quality goods.

As a lover of getting most for my money when I was asked to choose some items up to the value of
£20 I knew I wanted to get as many items as possible for that amount. 

As you can see in the photo above I chose to go for some shabby chic
style items from the home accessories section. 

whilst I was browsing the home accessories I came across the Spotty Wooden Heart
Hangings which come in 4 lovely colours green,  lilac, pink and blue. 
I knew I had to have them but was unsure where I was going to put them.
But then I remembered I have some Sass and Bell bird hooks, I am going to
get Stuart to put up in the bedroom so I can have them hanging from there. 
I chose to to have two one in pink and one in blue and at £1.60 each they are a great price! 

Then I chose the Natural Slate Heart Chalkboard as I have always wanted to get one
to have in our little kitchen. 
It's great for writing shopping lists or love notes. 
The Slate Heart Chalkboard retails at £6.39. 

Moving on I then chose a scarf from a selection they have for £7.99. 
I chose to go for the Swallow Cream scarf which I have to add looks different from the picture on the website
as it looks more browner than the photo would make you think. 
The scarf is super soft and super long with lots of fabric so that it can be worn how you like, creating layers
as well. The scarf is an ideal gift for any occasion.

What's your favourite from the selection of items I chose? 

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