#LiveForNow Sensory Experience

Pepsi have always come out with some great campaigns over the years, and now they have launched their first global campaign. 

If you were in the Southbank area between the 5th and 9th  of March you would have seen a rather odd and large looking
black box with the phrase #livefornow  emblazoned across the side.
There were a lot of people who were intrigued about  it especially as there was a countdown as well.

When it got to zero people were allowed to enter the box and find out what was inside.

The cube which was 9 meters by 9 meters gave people the chance to have a multi sensory 
journey through the box with water and other things to see,feel and do including levitating cans 
of Pepsi Max. 

They also gave out free cans of Pepsi Max and participants of the cube also got 
to have a personalised bottle of Pepsi Max which has a photo of them inside the cube.
A few of the campaigns I can remember included the likes of Britney Spears, Pink and Beyonce as gladiators 

and the transformation bus stop and the most recent with Dynamo levitating on the side of a London bus. 

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