London Trip: Part One The Gu Factory

On Friday me and Stuart went to London on a little trip to the Gu Puds factory in Walthamstow.
The trip was part of my prize for winning Gu Puds 10th anniversary competition designing my own pudding. 
As part of my prize we also got to spend a night away in a lovely 4* hotel, but that's for tomorrows post.

When we arrived at the station we was greeted by Hannah who is the customer experience executive at Gu,
who showed us to the factory. 

After signing in we headed to the kitchen ready to meet head chief Fred Ponnavoy. 
Once we were inside and met Fred he gave us a little talk about the history of Gu and
then we washed our hands and put on a Gu uniform to get cracking with having a go at making my own pudding design. 

We first started off by piping the raspberry Compote into ramekins and then we had a go at making
the white chocolate mousse. Each ramekin has the same amount of raspberry compote and the same volume 
of white chocolate mousse. I really learnt some great skills/tips for when I am baking at home.
 Then it was whisked away to the fridge to set and we were given a ramekin and two spoons so that we could tuck into one that was made earlier and was already set.

Oh my its heaven, the sweetness of the white chocolate goes so well with the sharpness of the raspberry compote, and it doesn't taste sickly at all. 

I was also lucky to be given a lovely goodie-bag too which contained
A Gu fridge magnet, some Gu money off vouchers to buy some more of my pud, a Gu spoon
and a copy of Gu Chocolate cookbook that was signed by Fred. 

Oh and of course I was given two free packs of my Pud design. 

The NEW Gu Raspberry and White Chocolate Mousses are out NOW 
in Sainsburys and due to be out at more stores over the next coming months.

Will you be trying my flavour? If you do I would love to know your thoughts! 

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