Perfumed Jewellery

Bringing woman's favourite perfume and jewellery together in one stunning fig leaf pendant
Perfumed Jewelry allows you to choose from a wide range of scents that reflect your 
mood, personality and style. 

 I was sent the enchanted silver pendant and chose one of my favourite scents (D&G Rose The One) 
from over 100 top global fragrances. If the perfume isn't listed on their website you 
can indicate the perfume name and complete "Request a fragrance "  when ordering. 
Although for this you must allow up to a month for processing before dispatch. 

When my pendant arrived it was packaged well so that there are no breakages. 
On opening my package it was presented in this white and black Perfumed Jewelry bag. 

Which held inside this gorgeous white box
with black ribbon I love how sleek the packaging is. 
 Inside you will find the pendant and a little jar with three scented stones inside. 

How it works is pretty simple you unclasp your pendant and then take a jewelstone out
of the pot, place it inside the pendant, close the clasp and make sure you close the jar lid 
to keep the sent last. 

The jewelstones should last 28 days if returned to the original pot when not in use.   

When ordering you are able to choose which pendant you would like from the range of 
9 different designs.
The 6 silver designs all cost $140.00, with gold ones varying in price from $210.00 to $1000.00
Each of the pendants are complete with a 30 inch silver/gold plated chain.

As you can see above the pendant is gorgeous and I've found that it looks great with whatever
I am wearing whether I am dressed up or down. 
I love the idea of jewellery and perfume going together and feel that they would also make a 
great gift. 

The refills for the perfumes retail at $50.00

Do you think this is a great idea? would you buy one?

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