Derma V10 Rescue Oil

Since finding out that I am expecting our first child in December one of the first things I started doing was apply a stretch mark cream daily.

I have faded stretch marks already thanks to weight going up and down in the past which have now faded to a light silvery color which isn't that noticeable luckily. 
Now that I am going to be gaining weight quiet rapidly I am hoping that I wont get them too bad. 

I recently came across Rescue Oil from Derma V10 which is a budget friendly oil which helps to rescue your skin from scar tissue, blemishes, signs of ageing, stretch marks or sun dehydration. 

The oil's amazing formulation of peach kernal and almond oil, sweet primrose and vitamin E has remarkable hydrating effects on your skin and leaves it looking brighter, smoother and visibly healed. 

When using to prevent stretch marks which is my main reason for using the oil. 
It can be used before, during and after pregnancy massaging into skin twice a day. 
It can also be used by being poured into your bath as a fab and luxury bath time treat.

When applying it is best used sparingly so that the oil can soak into your skin quickly and effectively. 
I have found that rescue oil is non greasy and is only lightly fragranced and suitable for sensitive skin. 

Derma Rescue Oil can be found: 

40ml for £1 in Poundland
75ml  for £1.99 in Home bargains, bodycare and savers 
150ml for £2.99 in Bodycare and Wilko

Derma Rescue Lotion ca be found: 
75ml for £1 in Poundland 

Have you ever tried rescue Oil?

Would you like to comment?

Viv C said...

I found a daily massage while pregnany helped - i only got very few stretch marks just above my hip bones. However I have been told that this is mostly genetic - so di dyour mum get stretch marks.

Rebecca J said...

this is such a good price! some stretch mark oils can be super expensive. i'm rubbish at remembering to put mine on too :(

Unknown said...

I have not, but I may have to give it a try!

Rebecca Nisbet said...

i was naughty and never used anything when i was first pregnant, i regret it now

Tantrums To Smiles (Jess) said...

oooh Ive just had a baby and have quite a few stretch marks :( I may have to invest in some of this!! x

Unknown said...

never tried it but it seems very useful

@williams_clare said...

I read that stretch marks are largely genetic and getting them depends on the genetic elasticity of your skin. These kind of oils for sale can help to fade them and make them fade but generally won't stop them from happening?

savo888 said...

have not tried but would love to.

keshimonster said...

Never thought you needed to apply during pregnancy - worth knowing!

Unknown said...

I've tried bio oil but this seems like a cheaper just as effective alternative :)