Zoflora Disinfectant in Oriental Lily

When it comes to cleaning I am fan Zoflora disinfectant's.
The limited edition Oriental  Lily scent has a beautiful aroma of peach, frangipani and vanilla.
The 3 in 1 action disinfectant is a powerful concentrated liquid that not only kills 99.9% of
bacteria and virus's but also eliminates odors keeping your home smelling wonderful all day.

The bottle contains 120ml which retails at £1.33 and lasts ages as it can be diluted for most cleaning jobs. 
The disinfectant can be used in every room in your home from the bathroom to your little ones nursery. 

We are hoping to move at the end of August and if so we will be able to sort out a nursery area for our little
one for once they arrive in December. 

As well as the usual areas of a room Zoflora disinfectant can be used in the nursery to keep changing table's, potties and furniture clean. Zapping any bugs away and keeping Mums and Dads minds at rest. 

Use 2 caps of Zoflora into a clean and empty spray bottle and fill up with water.
This is ideal as you can have spray bottle for each room of your home which will last for quiet awhile.

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