33 Weeks Pregnant

This week has been rather busy I had my 32 week appointment with midwife and consultant.
Midwife appointment went well everything is fine and I was told I have very good Iron levels
for a pregnant women. 
The consultant appointment however wasn't the best as it seems they need some medical 
info from 2008 which they don't have and need for when i go into labor. 
So Friday was a day of trying to sort it out and I have managed to get some info 
but not all. 
Monday I sorted a few things out in baby's room and doing more today
and yesterday I was working in the afternoon. 

How far along? 33  weeks  today
Total weight gain: 32lb but hospital and midwife don't seem concerned plus I know I can get the weight off since have done so before.  
Symptoms: Still achy, getting breathless when I go out, lack of sleep (see below). 
Maternity clothes? Brought a dark colored nighty for when am in labor and my mum got me a dark light weight dressing gown and some comfy pjs for after. 
Sleep: Getting up even more for loo trips now, still unable to get comfy. 
Miss anything? sleeping through the night. 
Movement: still loads of kicks and wiggles
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy 
Looking forward to:
 - The cot arriving this week sometime
- Sorting out baby's room
- Getting all the furniture sorted (Ikea trip needed asap)
- First antenatal class next week

32 +5

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