Halloween Dinner Party Competition Entry

Atlantic Shopping is a leading home furnishing company operating from a warehouse facility in Birmingham city center. 

They cater for the latest trends in household goods at great competitive prices. 
To enable to achieve their goal they have recently re-developed an online store, now you can get all the latest items which are available in store from the comfort of your own home! 

Atlantic Shopping are holding a competition for Halloween with a prize jackpot of £500 to spend on
dining sets, dining chairs and dining tables. 

All you have to do is describe your perfect Halloween Dinner Party.
You can be as creative as you like but there are two requirements: 
1. What guests would you invite for example Zombie Elvis Presley or Vampire Marilyn Monroe. 

2. What dishes would you serve? for example sugar mice for starter a pumpkin pie for main 
and then jelly worms for dessert. 

Entries will need to be in by Midnight on 31st October so get your thinking caps
on and let your creative juices flow.

Here is my entry into the competition: 

The guests I would love to invite to the dinner party would be: 
- Dracula Paul McCartney
- Vampire Marilyn Monroe
- Frankenstein Sooty 
-  Witch-y Amy Winehouse
- Ghostly Madonna

By Tiramisustudio

                     from freedigitalphotos.net 

For the food and drink I would start off with a lovely pumpkin soup which I would make gruesome 
by adding prawns too it to make it look like maggots.

The main would be spooky pasta with cheese sauce which I would use food coloring to make
green and then add cheese to make it look like cobwebs and black olives to look like beetles.

                  Serge Bertasius Photography

from freedigitalphotos.net 

For Dessert there would be some yummy looking pumpkin cookies and some
blood curdling cupcakes. I would make the cupcakes so that some oozed jam to look like
blood and some that would ooze green fondant to look like slime. 


from freedigitalphotos.net 
As for drinks I would have a wide range of cocktails in goblets like the ones below 
I would make them hauntingly delightful by adding jelly worms and floating eyeball sweets. 

                   by arztsamui 
             from freedigitalphotos.net 

If I was to win the competition I would choose the Tempo Dining Set so that we had enough space to have
everyone over for Christmas. 
I love the sleek black design with chrome frame finish and black glass top.

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