Silver Aspen Leaf Necklace Giveaway

Today I have a lovely giveaway from Grace and Valour. 
The prize is of the Silver Aspen Leaf necklace from her blowing in the wind collection. 

Here are a few words from Rachel regarding the collection: 

Autumn is upon us in a final blaze of fabulous colour.  We couldn't let the occasion pass without reference to our beautiful leaf jewellery collection.  Our REAL leaf jewellery collection is now available in 5 beautiful Autumnal finishes. We may be biased, but if there's a more perfect Autumn accessory, we are yet to discover it...!

Our leaves are available in two sizes - small and large,  and include Lacy Oak, Cottonwood, Birch, Aspen and Sugar Canadian Maple.  They look stunning either worn as a dramatic choker or at a fashionable longer length.  Earrings and Brooches have now joined the collection...

Our stylish collection features hand picked real leaves, preserved with different finishes.  Each leaf is a handcrafted piece of wearable art, unique and totally individual.
If you haven't seen the leaves, they're stunningly delicate with immense detail, but surprisingly robust.  With finishes as varied as gold, silver, brass, copper, irridescent, vintage silver and rose gold they can be worn with almost any outfit, both as a dramatic choker, or at a fashionable long necklace length and both singularly or doubled up for maximum impact.
The leaves arrive safely ensconced in their own unique branded eco packaging.
Blowing in the Wind : From the forest floor to the catwalk..!

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