Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers

For my last of my Christmas 2014 Gift Guides we have some Stocking fillers. 

*Glazed Apple Bath Jelly
Sink into a cloud of bubbles with this sweet scented glazed apple bath jelly from the Body Shop.
Scoop into warm running water for the ultimate  festive bath time indulgence. 


*Lip and Cheek Stain Doll
This cute lip and cheek stain is a fab special edition to add to someones stocking.
This dual-purpose liquid stain gives a natural-looking, rosy glow to lips and cheeks.
I love the doll packaging! 


*Personal Planner

I am a huge fan of Personal Planner and love their new Giraffe design. 
The planner is ideal for keeping yourself organised and is fab as
you can personalize it however you like.
From your favorite photo on the front to adding birthdays and special occasions to the calendar
this makes a fab stocking filler.

*Personalised Chocolate Bar
Getting Personal sell a range of personalized chocolate bars for every occasion
I recently received a personalized bar for me and the hubby. 
We chose the snow penguin design. 
Each bar comes with a full color wrapper that's personalized with your name
at the front and then a little message on the back.
Inside the wrapper is a foil covered 100g bar of melt in the mouth milk chocolate. 

Lush Wand Bubble Bar 
I received this bubble bar as a gift a few years ago for Christmas and love it!
It's on my Christmas wishlist for this year as well. 
I had to add this to the list as its such a fab little stocking filler that smells
of marshmallows yum. 

*The New Rubik’s 3X3 

This is a new improved version of the original Rubik’s Cube where you cannot peel of the stickers and cheat! The Rubik’s Cube is the classic colour-matching puzzle that’s a great mental challenge at home or on the move. Turn and twist the sides of the cube so that each of the six faces only has one colour. Over “43 Quintillion” (that’s 43 with 18 zeros to you and me) moves are possible with this original 3x3 Cube, but there is only one solution! With lots of practice you can solve it in under 10 seconds!

*The Rubik’s Void 
Void is a HOLE new puzzle, with a HOLE new challenge. The Void has missing centre cubes that make this puzzle harder than an original 3x3 Rubik’s cube to solve. This cube is truly amazing to behold, leaving your brain void of answers to the question: “how can that Rubik’s Cube have a hole in the middle and still work?

Items with * have been gifted to me for the purpose of this post

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