Blake 4 weeks

Today  my little boy turned 4 weeks old. 
The last 4 weeks have gone amazingly fast and he is changing and doing new things already. 
For the first 3 weeks I had been mixed feeding Blake as I had been finding breast feeding extremely difficult.
As of yesterday I have been formula feeding him and he has been having 120ml of Cow and Gate Hungry baby formula every 2/3 hours.

He sleeps most of the day which means that he is up most of night which is rather tiring. 
He will wake up at about 11pm will have a feed and then be wide a wake from then until 2am-3am.
Every time we put him in the Moses basket at night he seems to wake up easily and then it takes
him ages to settle. 

He seems to like lights as he keeps looking at them a lot and we have a star projector above the moses basket
for night time for him to look at.
 He likes this for awhile but most of the time he just wants to be cuddled.

We have put him in the bouncy chair for approx 5 mins at a time and he is starting to love
it and knock the little giraffe and elephant hanging about. 
He also has started to try and roll over and seems to be getting stronger too as he 
moves around a lot more and I have been been headbutted on a few occasions.

When Blake was first born we had to get him a few tiny baby outfits as the newborn 
and 0-3 months sizes were massive on him. 
He is now fitting in newborn and up to a month sizes and I am going to see if he fits into 
0-3 months at some point this weekend as he seems to be starting to fill out the newborn sizes. 
He is in size 1 nappies which seem to fit fine and I am hoping he will soon be big enough to
start wearing the cloth nappies that I have for him.

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