Yoomi The Self Heating Bottle

Recently we had a chance to try out the Yoomi 80z self heating bottle. 
Blake is currently being mixed fed since I've had a few issues with breastfeeding so this 
bottle has come in handy for when I use formula. 

At the touch of a button Yoomi warms up baby's milk to the natural temperature of breast milk in just 60 seconds!
The award winning bottle was designed to make feeding time more safer and easier for parents at home or
on the go. 

How does it work?
Yoomi's integrated bottle is cleverly activated by simply pressing a button which causes the solution inside to 
generate heat. When the bottle is tipped and your baby starts feeding, the feed flows around the channels on the outside of the warmer which is cleverly designed so that the feed is breast milk temperature. 

The benefits of yoomi

- Hygienic 
While conventional bottle warmers warm the entire bottle of feed the Yoomi warmer  only 
warms up the feed that your baby drinks. So rather than warming an entire bottle which will then cool down 
over time, the feed in the yoomi bottle will remain cool until it flows over the channels of the warmer inside teat which gently and evenly warms the feed.

- Quick 
Conventional bottle warmers take approx 6-12 mins to warm fridge temperature milk,
Yoomi takes 60 seconds, perfect when you have a hungry baby at 2 am. 

- Safe 
Unlike other warmers there is no second guessing if the temperature is correct as Yoomi 
warms to breast milk temperature every time. 

- Portable 
No plugs, no batteries or flasks of boiling water so its the perfect solution when traveling. 

- Less Colic 
with 6 air vents built in to reduce colic rather than the standard 1-3, Yoomi is the best vented bottle on the market. 

- Comforting 
Unlike any other teat on the market the Yoomi teat radiates a comforting and gentle warmth for baby.

We tested out Yoomi the other day when Blake was I need of a feed but was being quiet impatient. 
It is simple to use you just pop the pod in the microwave for 2 mins which recharges the warmer. 
I like how fast it warms up the milk and love that it is breast milk temperature. 
Blake seemed very happy when drinking from this bottle which I was glad of as 
he has been use to his usual bottles. 

I will be using Yoomi when I am out and about as it is so convenient. 

Now you  have a chance to win your own Yoomi Feeding System. 

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