Picking the ideal home phone

 When it comes to my home I love picking out accessories and decor to make it feel more homely. 
One thing I've not had is a home phone but there are many to choose from in different styles, colors and 

I love the idea of having cordless home phones as I would be able to walk around my home whilst chatting with friends and family. Although the downside to this would be that I would have to make sure that the battery is charged regularly  and that I make sure I return it to the base unit after each call or at least at the end of the day. 
Photo by Stuat Eman

When it comes to finding the perfect home phone you have to factor in what is best for you and your family  especially if you or someone in your household has some kind of disability.

For example my mum is deaf so a phone that has an amplify or at least with an inductive coupler for use with a hearing aid would be ideal. You can even get phones that have a nuisance call blocker, bigger buttons and also answer phone so that you can play back messages. 

So there are many different options to choose from so you will be able to find the ideal home phone for you. 

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