My 1st Mothers Day

So yesterday was my first Mothers Day and it was such a lovely day. 
As Blake sleeps through the night he was still fast asleep when I woke at 9am. 
Stuart first of all made me breakfast in bed of pancakes with strawberries and nutella and a mug
of coffee in my favourite mug. 
He than ran me a bath and sorted out Blake whilst I relaxed with a facemask and then
did my hair and make up.

I received two wonderful presents from Blake a fab navy pen which has lots of sparkly diamant√©'s. 
I love writing so this was an ideal gift for me I am always jotting down notes etc on a daily basis. 

My other gift is this beautiful necklace that says "You are the Mum everyone wishes they had" 
I love this kind of thing and it is something I will treasure forever. 

I also of course received a lovely Mothers Day card from Blake which I will be keeping forever.
I just had to take a photo of it next to our block calendar to remember the date always.  

We then popped out to town to a little cafe called Cookies which we have never been in before for lunch. 
Its a lovely little place that does coffees and cakes and the usual lunch bits such as salads, jacket potato's, 
omelettes and also main meals such as scampi, chips and peas.
As it is in such a secluded area it was nice to be able to eat our where it wasn't busy as most
places usually are on Mothers Day. 

After we had enjoyed our meal we had a little browse in some of shops and I brought some storage baskets for Blake's room. 

Once home Stuart let me rest and put my feet up for a bit and then I played with Blake on
while he was on  his tummy time mat.
He is now starting to get use to the mat and liking it a little bit more now that he can lift his head. 

After playtime I had cuddles with Blake and read him a story before putting him down in his moses basket to sleep. 

Stuart then cooked me a lovely Mothers Day dinner of Lamb shank in mint gravy, roasted vegetables and garlic mash. 
This was then followed by a yummy raspberry roulade. 

We had dinner rather late as we were full from our lunch so after that I had a bit of time on my new laptop, which 
I brought on Saturday purposely for blogging. 
I then enjoyed a hot chocolate before heading to bed. 

I'd love to know how you all spent Mothers Day and what you got from your little ones
or even what you got your mum. 

Would you like to comment?