Blake's Ceramic Plate

I mentioned last week in one of my posts that Blake (with a little help) had recently 
made a ceramic hand and foot print plate over at the little shop that I use to work in. 

Reasons to be cheerful is a children's toys, clothes and gift shop which now
has a little craft room out the back. 

It wasn't too complicated to do the plate as they have them already made up and all we had to do was paint one of Blake's hands and feet and press them down on the plate. 
He was fine when having his foot print done and was his cheeky and smiley self but wasn't too keen on having his hand done for some reason. 

I got to choose which two colors to go for and decided on two different shades of blue which have come up really nicely. 
I also got to write Blake's name on his plate and then do the edging. 
I was then called back in the shop a week later to collect the plate as they needed to cook it and 
than varnish it for us. 

I love how it has turned out and plan on putting it somewhere in his nursery and then when he is 
older I'll pop it away in his memory box for safe keeping.

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