Mummy and Me:July

This month has gone by in a blur.
I managed to have some time to myself and had a facial using the 
voucher Stuart got me for my birthday last month. 

Mainly Blake and I have spent time going to our favorite group Ragdolly Anna's.
We have also met up with another Mum and her little boy at the community house for lunch and  a chat.
Last week we went for a lovely walk together at Ashridge woods which isn't too far from us and we
are even planning to meet up tomorrow and go to the park. 

Sunday was an extra special day for us as it was Blake's Christening. 
I will do a post about his special day very soon. 

I of course had to choose one of his Christening photo's of us together.
He looked so cute in his little suit and he seems to like it since he has his waistcoat in his mouth in this photo. 

I hope that August will be just as fun as this month. 

The complete beginners guide to homeschooling

There’s no denying that the prospect of being in charge of your child’s education can be daunting. Whether you want to have more involvement in your kid’s learning or you’re unable to find a suitable school in your area, it’s important that you have the right support to help you make the most of your experience. If you’re new to homeschooling and don’t know where to start, this simple guide should help.

Where can I get support from?
Whatever your reasons for taking your children out of school, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. In fact, according to Oxford Home Schooling, approximately 150,000 children in the UK are currently being educated at home. One of the best sources of support and advice is other parents who are homeschooling, and you may even want to ask to spend a day shadowing another family to see how they go about their-day-to-day routine. Of course, there is also a wealth of information online, including specialist home education sites that have plenty of useful suggestions for learning resources.

Do I have to follow the national curriculum?
Homeschooling parents don’t need to follow the national curriculum. However, you still need to make sure your child receives a balanced education and ensure they are on track with other kids of the same age. It’s also important to set realistic goals for your child’s progression and to teach in a way that reflects their individual learning style. If you lack confidence in your teaching  methods, you can attend teaching training courses or use specialist homeschooling books to brush up on your knowledge.

How should I set up my home?
You’ll also need to think about where your child will study at home. While you don’t necessarily have to replicate a traditional classroom, you should still try to create a working environment that is conducive to learning. Ideally, this means having a designated workstation away from distractions, as well as all the necessary supplies and access to a computer.

What about socialisation?
While academic subjects are important, don’t forget about socialisation. Arrange field trips to museums and libraries with other homeschooling families and encourage your kids to join extracurricular classes and sports teams to ensure their social needs are being met.

It may take a lot of trial and error to get it right, but by following advice like this, you can look forward to a rewarding homeschooling experience for both you and your child.


Brother Max Bath and Room Thermometer Giveaway

I've not held a giveaway for quiet a while so today I am collaborating with Brother Max
to give my followers a chance at winning the Ray Bath and Room Thermometer. 

The thermometer floats on water and stands on your shelf. 
A high temperature warning on the LCD display gives you peace of mind that your baby's bath is safe
and displays ambient room temperature when stood on a shelf.

To enter just complete the rafflecopter below. 

The #slimfastchallenge results

If you are regular reader of my blog than you would know that I recently took part in the 
#SlimFastChallenge. You can read my first post about the challenge here.

Now that I have completed the challenge I am here to tell you how I got on
and my likes and dislikes regarding the challenge. 

Well I am disappointed to tell you that over the two weeks I didn't loose any weight. 
I feel there are a few reasons as to why this challenge didn't work for me which I'll talk about in the
Pros and Cons section of this post. 

Here is short reminder on what the challenge is all about: 

The slimfast plan is a meal replacement plan which includes low calorie snacks and a healthy meal a day. 
The plan is called the 3, 2, 1 plan which means that you have 3 low calorie snacks a day, 2 meal replacement bars or shakes and then a healthy 600 calorie meal. 
This can include the range of slimfast snacks and or healthy options such as fruit or veg. 
The plan is flexible and is made to loose weight in an easy way.

So here are my Pro's and Con's with regards to the #SlimFastChallenge


- It is such an easy plan to follow as you don't have to worry about what you are eating 
other than planning your 600 calorie evening meal. 

-  The shakes and snacks all taste pretty good and are great if  
you have a sweet tooth. 

-  The plan is convenient for busy people like myself as you can just grab a bar or shake and go. 
It's also great as I can just carry the bars in my bag for when I am out and about and a pre made up
shake or meal bar is ideal for when I am in a rush and don't really have time to eat much. 


- I didn't find it super filling so really struggled to actually stick to the plan and found myself 
having more than three snacks a day. I also found myself thinking of food alot of the time due to hunger. 

- High sugar content 
One of my main criticisms of the plan is that it has such a high sugar content.
When if you are like me and have a sweet tooth you need to be cutting down.


I also mentioned in my last slimfast post that I have PCOS and I do wonder if by having PCOS it also
was a factor of why I didn't loose any weight. 

I think it could be because my body doesn't take to sugar very well and tends to hinder my weight loss.
If anything has come from taking part in this challenge it would have to be that I now know that for me the best way for me to loose weight would be to stick to a healthy diet with loads of fruit and veg. 

I feel that the #SlimFastChallenge can work for some people as I have seen other bloggers
have amazing results but it just turns out it wasn't for me. 

Loubilou cloud hanging

Even though Blake is now 7 months old and has been in room for awhile now his room is not fully completed. 
The only things we really need to do is put some pictures up,buy a lampshade and sort out getting a toy box for him. 

I was recently sent this gorgeous decorative cloud and raindrops wall hanging  for Blake's room from Loubilou.
The white felt cloud measures approx 28cm wide x 18cm high and is gently stuffed with hypo-allergenic, super-fine, fire safety filling.

There are 3 hanging blue acrylic faceted raindrops. The raindrops measure 34mm x 23mm, and glisten when they catch the light. 

The total measurement of the whole wall hanging from the very top of the loop to the lowest raindrop is approximately 40cm.

The cloud hangs by an attached loop ( no hooks are included). 

The cloud is such a gorgeous decorative piece that will go well in any child's bedroom. 
The cloud comes in a range of 2 other colored  raindrops clear or pink. 

I'm planning on doing a tour of Blake's room once it has been completed. 

would you also be interested in a post on how I organize his changing area and his wardrobe?
comment below. 

I'd also love to see how you have done your little ones nursery so if you have done
a tour post than I'd love to have a nosey. 

Blake 7 Months

 Blake has turned 7 months old today,I feel he is progressing in leaps and bounds this month with the little things he is doing.

Blake's 6-9 months clothing is starting to get tight so we are starting to sort out his 9-12 months clothing. 
Where has my tiny little bubba gone? 

Over the past month teething hasn't been so bad.
He is still chewing and having his hands in his mouth a lot. However he 
has only been really upset about it on a few occasions. 
There have been a few rough days when he would cry non stop but anbesol seems to do the trick.
I have only had to give him calpol once. 

His sleep is pretty much the same as it has been over the last  few months or so. 
We had one night when it took him til gone 11 to fall asleep.
I think it was because he ended up having a rather late nap that day so wasn't tired when
it came to his bedtime. 

He is still on 240ml of milk but moved him onto the stage 2 milk now. 
He is having 4 feeds a day and the weaning is going fantastic. 
He is currently getting use to having two meals a day and my health visitor has told me that 
he should be having 3 meals a day by the time he is  9 months old. 
I am so glad that we made the decision to change from purees to baby led weaning.
Blake is excelling when it comes to trying out new foods. 
A few of his favorites so far are: 
Porridge fingers
Green beans
Baby corn 

- Blake is still trying to sit up I have been encouraging him but
I think its going to be a little longer yet. 

- When he roles over onto his front he starts trying to move his legs like
crawling but at the moment he is just getting frustrated as he can't do it. 

- His hand eye co ordination is improving since doing baby led weaning
and he is able to feed himself with a spoon and also able to hold a cup and drink from it.


- He is now moved onto size 4 nappies in disposables (when we use them) 

-  He is ticklish and will giggle no end when we tickle him

- He loves going to the Ragdolly Anna's group we go to and loves the bubbles
and he is able to now tap the sticks together that they have for one of the songs they do. 

- He also loves being in his walker that his Granny and Grampa got him as an early christening present. 

- He has got a thing about phones he has his own toy mobile which he loves and is always grabbing my mobile
along with the tv remote.

Kokoso Baby: Natural Coconut Oil

I love coming across new brands and products and I love it more when I come across an item 
that turns into an essential.

Mum's this product is amazing! Kokoso baby is a multipurpose moisturizer.
Kokoso is made from 100% natural and organic virgin coconut oil.

I first came across Kokoso over on instagram when the lovely Kerry from Oh So Amelia
   posted a photo as she had received a pot in the post and found that it got rid her cute little boy Harry's 
cradle cap.  

Kokoso sent me a pot so that I could see for myself how amazing the product is. 
First of all I have to say Kokoso Baby has been dermatologically tested and is certified safe for even the most sensitive skin.

I also want to mention that Kokoso baby is solid white at room temperature and goes runny in temperatures over  24°C so make sure
that you open your pot gently in summer to avoid spills or keep it in your fridge. 

The multipurpose moisturizer has many uses for both baby and you. 
Here are a few of the uses in which you can use Kokoso baby you can find more tips over on their 

Dry skin
If you or your baby have dry skin than applying  Kokoso baby throughout the day can help to hydrate and nourish. It's also helpful with skin conditions such as eczema.

Bottom Balm
I have heard of many parents using coconut oil on their babies bottom, when I was researching more
about using cloth nappies as a lot of mum's swear by it.
I have yet to try kokoso for this reason on Blake as I have so many nappy rash creams dotted around the flat. 

Baby sore creases
You can dab a dash of kokoso on troublesome areas. 
I have recently started using this on Blake's neck as he tends to dribble milk 
down his neck frequently and it gets red and looks so sore .

Flaky newborn skin
I really wish that I had known about Kokoso sooner as this would have been ideal when Blake
was newborn as he had a lot of flaky and dry skin especially on his head.

Baby Massage
This has been the main way I have been using Kokoso. 
Blake and I did a baby massage class not too long ago which he loved so
we have been massaging him at home after he has had a bath. 

I have been reading the Mummy Blog and I am looking forward to trying out 
other ways to use Kokoso that I didn't even think of such as ways you can use it as a beauty oil. 
There is also articles on why kokoso is different from other brands of coconut oil, why its' so good for babies skin and also about baby massage so the Mummy blog is definitely worth reading. 

Kokoso is now sold in Boots stores at £7.99. 

If you use Kokoso I'd love to know what you use it for? if not than will you be trying it out? If you do I'd love to know your thoughts
Comment below. 

The #SlimFastChallenge 3,2,1

When it comes to my weight I managed to loose an amazing six stone before falling pregnant with Blake. 
But I put on 2 stone 7lb whilst pregnant and I just haven't been able to get it off. 
I seem to fallen off the band wagon when it comes to being healthy and making right choices 
so that I can shift the baby weight. 

I have recently been selected to take part in the #SlimFastChallenge.
I am hoping to loose a couple of pounds which in return will hopefully give me a much needed boost
in regards to making me want to loose even more and keep it off. 

The slimfast plan is a meal replacement plan which includes low calorie snacks and a healthy meal a day. 
The plan is called the 3, 2, 1 plan which means that you have 3 low calorie snacks a day, 2 meal replacement bars or shakes and then a healthy 600 calorie meal. 
This can include the range of slimfast snacks and or healthy options such as fruit or veg. 
The plan is flexible and is made to loose weight in an easy way.

I am on day five of the challenge so far and the range is great I have loved everything that I have tried. 
I was sent two different flavored shakes the strawberry powder which you make up yourself with 250ml of milk 
and the pre-made ones in vanilla. I was also sent the meal bars which come in  chocolate crunch, chocolate peanut and summer fruits. For the snacks I was sent the sour cream and chive pretzels, cheddar flavored bites. bbq flavored tortillas, chocolate caramel bar, heavenly chocolate delight bar and the chocolate nutty nougat bar. 

It will be interesting to see if this plan works and how well I'll loose weight as I suffer from PCOS and my body tends to hate sugar in large quantities and I feel that this plan is very high in sugar. 
Hopefully I will loose a couple of pounds, I'll keep you updated on how I have got on after I have completed the two week plan which for me will end on the 17th. 

Have you  ever tried the slimfast 3,2,1 plan?  

Mummy and Me June

A little late Mummy and Me post this month. 
In May I missed out as I realized that I didn't take any photo's of me and Blake ,oops. 

June has been a rather good month we started to go to another mum and baby group called Ragdolly Anna's. 
Blake really loves it, its a song and rhyme group but is very action based. 
Blake plays with the little sticks and they also blow bubbles etc and just have lots of fun. 
We also went to yet another called play time fun instead of the new mums group as now
Blake is rolling around I feel that he is now to big for the new mums group and he has a lot more on offer for him to do there. 

This month was also my birthday and spending the day with both Blake and Stuart was so special. 
I was spoilt with presents, cake and a lovely meal out in the evening while my mother in law and 
step father in law babysat. 

This month's photo's are a collage of photo's that I took on my birthday of me and Blake.

I am looking forward to another fab month especially as the end of July
is Blake's christening. 

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