What's In My Changing Bag Update

Recently I started looking for a new changing bag as my Pink Lining Mama Et Bebe one is now far too
small for all the bits and bobs that I need to carry around with me on a daily basis. 

I recently decided to purchase a Pacapod changing bag as the idea of the bag being like an organisation system appealed to me. After browsing their website and all the fab bags that they sell I chose to go for the 
Pacapod Mirano which is has a 32 litre capacity as well as two pods with both a 12 litre capacity so plenty of space for what I need. 

The bag comes in four colors Navy, Brown, Black and Tan. 
I chose to go for the Black one as it goes well with our travel system which is also Black. 
I am really happy so far with the size, quality and spaciousness of the bag. 
The bag retails at £99 which I think is such a great price for the size and quality the bag. 

As you can see the bag is a great size and I like that it looks like a regular every day bag rather 
than a changing bag.

On one size of the bag you have a little pocket which does up with a magnetic clasp. 
In that part of the bag I keep small bits and bobs in there.

I carry my hairbrush and lip balm with me at all times my lips tend to get very dry and sore. 
Tissues always come in handy as does carrying a tube of teething gel for Blake who is teething 
on and off at the moment. 
I also carry with me a little first aid pack just in case which has plasters that kind of thing in it. 
Also in that pocket which I forgot to include is a spare dummy and spare dummy clip. 

The other side of the bag opens up to this lovely compartment. 
In side are two pods which you carry feeding and changing items in. 
There is also a section where the changing pad slots in nicely. 
I also like that if you want to you can remove the pods and have space for a laptop if required. 

In the section with the changing mat I have Blake's spare clothing. 
I always carry a spare vest and top but sometimes if I remember to there will be a spare pair of trousers and some socks.

There is also a little bag which is meant for clothing which I use for a Muslin and a bib. 
I've managed to fit this in the side next to one of the pods. 

Onto the first pod, the feeding pod has enough room to fit in quite a few bottles but as  Blake is now having less feeds I carry one bottle unless going out for the day then I would carry more. 
I also have his milk powder dispensers a spoon and a little snack pot which as you can see in this photo
has some little baby snacks in. The feeding pod also came with this little handy bottle warmer. 

The changing pod is a good size and I can fit 3 disposable nappies in the front section and
also am able to fit in a pack of wipes and a pack of nappy sacks.
There are two little pockets on the side where the one on the left I keep some nappy cream the current one
is a sample size of Johnson's nappy cream. 
The right pocket is where I have hand gel ready for after nappy changes. 

There is room on the back of this pod where I chose to put Milton wipes which are great for cleaning yucky changing tables. 

Inside the main part of the bag I have a wet bag which contains one or two cloth nappies and some liners. 
The wet bag has two sections so that I can fit in wet or soiled nappies and keep them away from the clean ones.  I am considering on just having this attached to the pram or in the pram basket as I do find the wet bag to be bulky. 

Blake's red book I carry it around with me now as I have misplaced it a few times so it's easier to have it in there so I know where it is and is handy to know it's in there when Blake has been weighed. 

I also have started carrying Blake's Sophie la giraffe teether and his silky bear blankie with me too just in case. 

Also in the main part of the bag is a little zip section in which I keep my purse and there is also room for my mobile and the pram clips which come with the bag. I love that there is also a key clip so I wont loose my keys in my bag and can find them easily. 

I'd love to see what you have in your changing bag or know what you carry with you on a daily basis. 
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