Relieving Pregnancy Related Heartburn

Throughout the second and third trimester when pregnant with Blake I suffered with heartburn. 
I am not alone either Gaviscon says that nearly three quarters of women suffer from indigestion and heartburn in the third trimester. 

There are two main reasons that heartburn and indigestion happens more frequently at this time. 

" 1. The surge in the hormone progesterone causes muscles to relax. This includes the sphincter (ring of muscle) at the entrance to the stomach. When this relaxes, stomach acids are able to travel back up into the oesophagus (food pipe) causing heartburn.

2. During the latter stages of pregnancy symptoms can also be caused by the baby physically putting pressure on the woman's digestive tract."

Although it is harmless it can be painful and leave you feeling quiet uncomfortable. 
There are simple ways to help ease heartburn and indigestion during pregnancy
1. Eating a healthy diet
2. sitting or sleeping in a more upright position. 

If like me failing that then you can take an ingestion remedy I chose to go for Gaviscon double action mint flavored liquid as it got straight to the problem very quickly and eased the burning sensation at the drop of a hat plus tasted much better then the plain one that Gaviscon does. 

Did you suffer from heartburn/indigestion when pregnant? 
If so did Gaviscon work for you? 

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