Isle of Wight Mini Break

From the 5th to 9th of September we went on a little mini break to the Isle of Wight. 
It was Blake's first holiday and Stuart's 30th birthday was on the 7th so it was extra special. 
Although we were only there for a short time we made the most of it by going out and about. 

We stayed at a lovely holiday park in a static caravan in Lake, Sandown called Cheverton Copse.
The caravan was an ideal size for the three of us there were two bedrooms in which the smaller one had
a travel cot for Blake. 

I must admit it was a long journey on the train and then a ferry ride away but it was worth it in our eyes and
would so go back again in the near future (hopefully). 
We did arrive at the holiday park later than we had hoped as we got lost on the way trying to find it. 
Once we got there and dropped off ours bags we popped to Morrisons which was an approx 5 minute walk away, to get some essentials. 
As you can see below Blake seemed to really enjoy chilling out in the caravan. 

Our first full proper day was on Sunday so we headed off to Shanklin we had a lovely dinner in a little restaurant called the chine inn which wasn't far from Shanklin Chine we decided to go for a walk and then headed off to see what Shanklin Chine is all about. 

Shanklin Chine is the Isle of Wights oldest attraction, which first opened in 1817.
 This famous leafy gorge is much loved by poets, artists and writers. The winding woodland, with its steep sides is a magical place for rare plants, wildlife and enchanting waterfalls.
We didn't go as far to see the waterfall as there are quiet a lot of steps which makes it very tricky with a buggy. 
It was a shame we missed out on that but it was lovely all the same. 

We then chose to go The Old Smithy in Godshill. 
The Old Smithy  basically has large gifts and fashion shops, a beautiful landscaped garden and coffee shop. 
The garden was so lovely although small it was so beautiful and we enjoyed the little walk. 

Blake seemed to enjoy himself especially trying to get attention in the coffee shop. 
I had read in a brochure that the Old Smithy is one of the best coffee shops on the Isle of Wight. 
The cakes are amazing they are quiet big and Stuart and I both went for the chocolate bun with fresh cream and strawberries which was divine although slightly sickly. I tend to always go for a latte when I go to these sorts of places and this was really lovely and creamy. Although admittedly along with the cake I think I should have gone for a less creamy drink as I was unable to finish it. 

Monday was Stuart's 30th so I let him choose what to do for the day. 
He chose for us  to go to both Dinosaur Isle and the Isle of Wight Zoo. 

Dinosaur Isle is a little museum that is home to the Island's fossil and geological heritage.
To be honest that really just sums up what Dinosaur Isle is about it has some interesting fossils and information
about dinosaur's. Blake seemed to like it and wasn't to bothered by the large dinosaur models dotted around the place. We even purchased him a cute little dinosaur puppet which he loves playing with. 

Next up was the Isle of Wight Zoo we arrived at lunch time so we chose to eat before going to look around at the animals. 

Blake seemed to love Degu's at the zoo and kept tapping the glass to the cage they were in and smiling loads. 
We also saw some monkey's, a lion and some meerkat's.

 I must admit I was a bit disappointed with the zoo as there wasn't a lot of animals out but I think that was mainly due to the weather being so hot. But other then that we had a lovely time and after a lot of walking we chose to grab some pasta from Morrison's for our evening meal as we were too tired to go out the restaurant that we had originally planned to go to that evening. 

Tuesday was our last day of doing anything as we were leaving around 10am the next day. 
We chose to go to the beach on this day and to Amazon World. 
Blake was happy and cheeky as usual and was getting attention from quiet a few people at Amazon world. 
We had a lovely elderly couple come over to use and spoke to Blake. 

I thought Amazon world was so much better than the Isle of Wight Zoo. There were so many more animals to see and point out to Blake and tell him about. From different types of birds to reptiles and other wonderful creatures. 

We then headed down to Sandown to the beach as to be fair one of things you have to do on holiday is go to the beach.  

We purchased a little bucket and spade for Blake and we sat in the sun and made sandcastle's. 
Blake really enjoyed himself and wasn't bothered about the sand and kept digging his feet in it. 
I was rather surprised that he didn't choose to try and the eat the sand to be honest. 
We also dipped his feet in the sea, he wasn't too sure at first but then was ok. 

We were really blessed to have such lovely weather and we had such a lovely time. 
I wish we had gone for longer but definitely next time. 

Have you ever been to the Isle of Wight? 
If so I'd love to know what you got up to? 
If not is it a place you would consider going? 

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